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Monday, February 13, 2017

Happy Valentine's Day to Romance Lovers

Valentine's Day has changed a lot since I was in elementary school. It was a day all the girls approached with great glee. A class art project was always to make and decorate our card mailboxes. I remember one year, a few of us got creative and made large heart-shaped mail bags to tape to our desks.

Little boys gave valentine cards only to the prettiest girls in the class and to each other, of course. I always hoped I'd get one from a boy, but alas...

By the time I was a mother with children in grade school, teachers sent home a list of names of everyone in the class so no one was excluded. I understood the pain of exclusion and appreciated their thoughtfulness.

In high school, my kids gave and received roses to each other. Red, of course, meant love. Pink said I like you. And white meant friendship. In my sons' senior years, they each carried home nearly a dozen red roses. I threatened to buy them each a chastity belt. Of course, my words fell on deaf macho ears.

Years later, as a divorced woman I detested the approach of Valentine's Day. Female co-workers bragged about what they were wearing to go out for dinner and wondered how many dozen of roses they'd get...or jewelry...or champagne.

I survived with Chinese take-out and a good romance book. Now I've got my snuggler and don't need all the extra trappings. For us, the feeling of Valentine's in year round. Our last words to each other before we fall asleep is always, "Je t'aime."

Whether you celebrate or not, happy heart day this week. Hugs to you all.

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Effie's Coming Back!

She's been the pink glue that's held my Highlander Beloved Series together. Pink-haired, pink-clad, cra-cra granny Effie. A Virginia transplant to the Highlands of Scotland. A hippie from Woodstock. A magical force. A real pip. And everyone who read the series loved her.

She's had many moments in each book. It didn't take her long to make her mark in book one. Scene one, in fact...

She wore pink pelican bedroom slippers, called baffies in Scotland. Johnson & Johnson's Baby Powder was her perfume of choice. And no color pleased her more than pink, unless it was the color of skin under a Scott's kilt. But we'd best not go there.

We found out in book two she was a witch, a protector of those weaker and in need of help and protection.

In book three, she imitated Aretha Franklin singing "Respect," using a dildo as a microphone.

Now, in book four, she's back in full-force. She's conned her younger granddaughter to come to Scotland and she's got matchmaking on her mind. Who? Effie's new husband's nephew--Dr. Thane Matheson, who's not ready to halt his women-chasing ways even if his bear claims Willow Munro is the one for Thane.

We all know Effie loves a challenge.

Saturday, January 28, 2017

I Was Busted by Vonnie Davis

I've been suffering with a virus, severe cold, grunge for over two weeks. It can't be the flu because I had a flu shot back in early October. Right? So the fever, chills, sore throat, body aches, no energy, unending cough, and runny nose are just a "bug" that has outlived ten-days of antibiotics.

I can still recall the day I went to Walmart to pick up my $138. bottle of freaking antibiotics. I coughed out half a lung at the counter as I exclaimed, "What? What...are these pills made of? Gold, or what?"

I coughed out the other half of my lung in the ice cream aisle. Don't judge. First off, it was ice cream, y'all. And secondly, I was in a shocked delirium over the cost of the drugs.

Well, both the ice cream and drugs are gone and I still feel like crap. I'm still coughing and have chills. But I had to act like I felt okay because my youngest son and his wife were coming to town. You see, my grandson and the rest of his wrestling team from MIT were flying to Virginia from Mass. to wrestle in a 20 team tournament at a local college. Bonus for this grandma...I'd get to see one of my grandkids.

Yay me!!!! I didn't care how crappy I felt.

At one point, my son moved behind me and wrapped his arms around my shoulders. "I know you, mom. You're not fooling me. You feel like hell. Go home. Go to bed."

"Don't think you can order me around. I can still beat your behind."

"That's one of the things I love about you, mom. You always were a dreamer." Then he dug his chin back and forth into my shoulder until I growled his name. I was rewarded with his "mom giggle." Yeah, I still know how to push your buttons.

The kid might not live to see 45.

Monday, January 23, 2017

I Feel All Blogged Out

Six years ago when my first book released, I had a blog tour. I did the same for many subsequent books. Answered all the lovely comments and questions. The last few book tours, set up by my publisher, had zero comments. Except for my typical thank you to the person hosting me that day, no one said a word.

Even the crickets were silent.

Did that mean no one was reading the blogs? Looking at all my pretty promo?

Has everyone turned their backs on blogging or reading blogs?

Frankly, I'm running out of ideas. I blog less and less here at Vintage Vonnie. My time is more consumed with writing. I mainly keep my blog open in case a writer friend needs a place to promote. All the while, I hear more authors are closing down theirs. I just can't bring myself to close Vintage Vonnie.

There are times I think I could blog simply on the Davis household and entertain you for a few

Like today. Calvin lost his glasses. He woke up and they weren't on his nightstand. They weren't behind or beneath the bed or among the covers or in the drawers of his nightstand. To stop him from tearing the place apart...I mean, can a man look for anything without items flying through the air? Tell me! I went on the hunt, too, just to save my sanity and the condition of the place.

I found them in the shower.

They were propped between his and my bottles of shampoo. Go figure.

Have a great week folks. Stay dry and healthy.

Thursday, December 8, 2016

Using Body Language to Show Emotions

I'm one of those authors who have a small group of body movements I include in my writing. I have a larger list I keep on file. I just need to refer to it more often.

All body language must be considered in context, but if I've set my scene correctly and established my characters' good and bad points, a little body language can help add life to the story. I'll share a few with you.


Anger is one expression of fight-or-flight mode -- an automatic, instinctive reaction to a threat. In many cases, there is an underlying fear of being harmed. Thanks to autonomic nervous system arousal, the heart rate increases, pupils dilate, and the face may flush. Other signs of anger:

􀂃 Balling the fists

􀂃 Crossing the arms tightly

􀂃 Clenching the fists once arms are crossed

􀂃 Tight-lipped smile

􀂃 Clenched teeth

􀂃 Shaking a finger like a club

􀂃 Stabbing a finger at someone


􀂃 Pupils dilate

􀂃 Women will cross and uncross legs to draw attention to them

􀂃 Mirroring - (usually unconsciously) mimicking the other person’s body language

Closed to Conversation

􀂃 Keeping the hands in the pockets (esp. men)

􀂃 Arms and legs crossed

􀂃 Sitting back

􀂃 Folding the hands together on a table (creates a barrier)

􀂃 The “figure-four” leg cross (setting the ankle of one leg on the knee of the other) and then grabbing the lower half of the top leg with both hands.

Opennesss and Honesty

􀂃 Exposure of the palms

􀂃 Arms and legs unfolded

􀂃 Leaning forward

Submissive Signals

􀂃 Smiling - that’s why some people smile when they’re upset or afraid

􀂃 Slumping the shoulders

􀂃 Doing anything to appear smaller


􀂃 Men in particular have a tendency to stroke or rub the nape of the neck when they’re upset. It acts as a self-soothing gesture to deal with a “pain in the neck.”

􀂃 Crossed arms - arms act like a protective barrier

􀂃 Self-hugging - arms are crossed, hands gripping upper arms

􀂃 One-arm cross - one arm crosses the body to hold or touch the other arm - women keep a hand on a purse or bag strap to make this look more natural

􀂃 Clutching a purse, briefcase, or bag with both arms

􀂃 Adjusting cuffs or cuff-links (men’s version of the purse-strap grab)

􀂃 Folding the hands together in front of the crotch (men)


Lying causes a subtle tingling in the face and neck, so the gestures below are attempts to eliminate that feeling

􀂃 Covering the mouth - can be like a shh gesture, or they may cover the mouth completely - some people try to cover it by coughing

􀂃 Touching or rubbing the nose or just below the nose - often a quick, small gesture, not a scratch

􀂃 Rubbing the eyes (especially men)

􀂃 Scratching the neck with the index finger

Superiority, Confidence, Power, Dominance 

􀂃 Steepling the fingers (aka setting the tips of the fingers together)

􀂃 Folding the hands behind the back

􀂃 Thumbs sticking out from pockets when hands are in pockets (can be front or back pockets)

􀂃 Hands on hips

􀂃 Straddling a chair

􀂃 Hands folded behind the head while sitting up (in men; in women this thrusts the breasts out and becomes sexual)