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Saturday, April 10, 2010

Another man for Annalee...

Today I introduce my future readers--PLEASE let there be a handful someday--to Angus Shea, an Irishman from the same county in Ireland as Annalee's beloved and now deceased da. Angus will enthral Annalee with his Irish wit and charm. They'll become instant friends, if not more. We'll see how this latest wrinkle on the satiny road to "happily-ever-after" affects Boone, who's already shown a strong tendancy to be jealous. The challenge for me will be to create the tension and conflict true to the characters--and to write dialogue for a person with a heavy Irish brogue.

Calvin, dearheart that he is, is making me my mid-afternoon espresso for fortification. There's no barista in Lynchburg that makes them as good as he. I am a blessed woman. The question is: am I a blessed woman who can write dialog to show Angus's Irish brogue?

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