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Thursday, April 8, 2010

Fashion tip: White pants and thongs do not mix!

I cannot begin to describe the sight I saw at the grocery store today, yet the writer in me has to give it a go. I'd rounded the end of the aisle, heading for the milk and coffee creamer. There was a mother and her teen-aged daughter, her very heavy teen-aged daughter. The girl was wearing a pair of white capris and a thong. Folks, the sight tweaked my gag reflex. I couldn't believe that her mother would allow her out of the house like that! What was the mother thinking? My eyes swept to the mother, who was deeply engrossed in a phone conversation; the cell phone crammed to the side of her head as if it were a growth. She was pushing a cart laden with frozen pizzas, chips and every form of junk food known to man--not an apple nor serving of brocolli in sight! I watched the teenager waddle away, the sight resembling two boys wrestling under a blanket.

Mothers, stop killing your children with junk food. And, please, check them out before you allow them out of the house. Believe me, white pants and thongs do not mix.

Calvin and I are part of a Healthy Lifestyles Program through Centra Health. While Calvin is not as overweight as I, he is a diabetic; maintaining a healthier weight is imperative for diabetics. Calvin has lost 35 pounds, thus reducing his daily insulin intake from 24 units to 4. I've lost 33 with many, many more to go. Our diet has changed drastically. The most painful change has been the loss of ice cream. Calvin tossed out my stash of chocolate marshmallow ice cream, and I nearly had a coronary!

Still, we've gotten used to counting carbs. Salad instead of mashed potatoes and gravy. Frozen and fresh vegetables instead of canned. Herbal tea instead of sodas. We're seeing results and feeling better. Wait! What...what was that??? I thought sure I saw a half-gallon of Bryers chocolate marshmallow float by...I must be delusional. Probably my sugar level is too low. Pardon me while I try to convince Calvin to make an ice cream run...

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