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Thursday, April 1, 2010

"A Man for Annalee"

I've been working on my first historical romance just to see if I can write in another time period. I chose an era I know something about, having been an avid TV Western fan growing up and reading many, many books of this time period. Still, much research occured, copious amounts of notes taken, websites visited on a regular basis. Contrary to what my son suggested, I did not do my research by reading through my high school yearbook (Obviously he was not stood in the corner enough as a child).

Since the langauge and word usage was different in the 1870s, I compiled a file of what I called "Western words." I saved pictures of clothing and hats of the period. In addition, I researched the history of Wyoming as well as its vegetation, weather and topography. Since some of the characters are Native Americans, I've done extensive reading and written to Natives for their help. Yes, folks, I am a research nut; I love it.

I emailed my agent the first chapter of this book for her opinion. She responded with a contract. I was thrilled! To date I have 9 chapters finished (about 50,000 words). Now I need to spend more time at the keyboard, pounding away, hoping writer's block does not fog my imagination.

One of the writers in our writers' group said he writes at least 1000 words a day. I nearly passed out! I move at a snail's pace compared to him. Still, my pace of writing a chapter every 2 weeks needs increased. Can I do it? Stand by...

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