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Friday, May 28, 2010

Thoughts on turning 62.

I might not have the fanatical flair of Jack Nicholson, nor the drama depth of Morgan Freeman, but I, too, can make up a Bucket List. And since I turned sixty-two today, celebrating with a dear sister-friend and Calvin over lunch and being spoiled with dinner out, I have compiled this Bucket List in a tiramisu, sugar-induced haze. So here is a list of things I hope to do or experience before I die.

Vonnie's Bucket List ~

1.  Win a few writing contests.

2.  Have the thrill of seeing Calvin's novel, The Phantom Lady of Paris published.

3.  Have one of my books published. Perhaps more...yes, I am a greedy soul.

4.  Learn how to Twitter.

5.  Go back to Paris.

6.  Visit the Southwestern States.

7.  Learn to crochet.

8.  See all my grandchildren go to college.

9.  Walk once more on the beach with Calvin at sunset, holding hands and not hearing him chant "Hurricanes and Tsunami."

10. Get a tiny tattoo on one of my toes...don't ask me "why," 'cause it's my bucket list and I can be as goofy as I want.


Peggy said...

Go Girl!!! I learned to crochet last summer and made doll blankets (they don't have to be perfect) for my grnddaugters' dolls.

MoonDance said...

lol..grandma you crack me up
you should bring me too paris with you
oui oui oui...trying to speak french here

Je t'aime beaucoup grandmère

what all did you see in Paris
Beaucoup D'amour,
LuneDanse HEE HEE