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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

. . . . . . . Voices From The Heart: How much is too much writing time?#links

. . . . . . . Voices From The Heart: How much is too much writing time?#links

Please read the link above since much of the writer's sentiments mirror life here at the Davis household.

Kudos to every wonderful DH (Dear Husband) out there who supports whatever his BW (That would be Busy Wife, NOT Bitchy Wife ;-)  ) is into. For me, it is writing. Who is my biggest cheerleader? Silly question, since the answer is so obvious: My husband, Calvin, sans the short cheerleader skirt--knobby knees notwithstanding.

Calvin ignores the dust bunnies that have overtaken our house and the pile of clutter on the dining room table, a.k.a. Pike's Peak. He's man enough to run the sweeper and unload the dishwasher. And he kisses my neck, on days I'm lamenting my lack of talent, and tells me I'm fabulous. He edits my feeble attempts at writing, number two pencil in hand and eyebrows furrowed, his lips moving as he reads and rereads a sentence. "What is the antecedent of 'it'?" he asks, knowing full well that I'll huff and puff in exasperation.

Yet as writers, we both strive to improve our craft. Our journey is sweeter because we are taking it together. I am blessed.


Anita Clenney said...

Ah, those rotten little dust bunnies. They're at my house too. My hubby is very tolerant when I get wrapped up in writing and forget there are other things that need to be done.

Grandma Vonnie said...

We're a blessed pair, aren't we? Doing what we love and being loved by our guys.