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Sunday, July 4, 2010

All you do is find a template you like and...

We've had a flurry of nervous activity here at the Davis household. Calvin was offered a contract on his novel, The Phantom Lady of Paris, a novel he's poured his heart and soul into for many, many years. 

As I've stated in previous blogs, publishers want you to have an online presence. Granted, Calvin is on Facebook, but that isn't enough. So I got him on Linked-in and also got his blog up and running. Then I ventured into a world I knew nothing about: website building. Folks, it was a three-day nightmare!

Everyone kept telling me all I needed to do was find a template I liked and plug in the pictures and text wherever I wanted and--viola--it would be done. Uh-huh. Well, I'm here to tell you that it took me four migraines, three colorful bouts of screaming, two major crying jags and one tense moment where Calvin had to pry a sledgehammer from my clenched fists before I beat my laptop into submission. It was not a happy time here in Davisland. Poor Calvin has taken to hiding in the den with the door closed...AND locked.

Even so, I'm happy to report that feminine determination won out. You may view his website by going to

While all the things I'd learned through painful trial and error were still fresh in my addled mind, I designed mine, too. I prefer Calvin's over mine, but one has to start somewhere. I suppose as I have more information to add, my site will look better. I mean I can go into it and change or add things whenever I like. Right? It'll be simple. Surely.......

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