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Monday, July 19, 2010

Kudos for Amazon

Calvin rarely buys anything without checking testing results from Consumer Reports. My old crock pot had cooked its last chicken, roasted its last rump. So after he did his research, he suggested I buy the cooker shown at the left. No store in our area had it, so I checked, found it and placed my order.

Unfortunately from the time it arrived the cooker did not work. As soon as I plugged it in, a buzzer started--and never stopped. I could not program it. So I went online to Amazon and read their return policy. What was the problem, their form asked. I typed it in. Did I want a replacement or a refund? I opted for a replacement. Print out the pre-paid return shipping labels, it ( prompted and then affix it to the box. So I did. I dropped it off at our local UPS store. And, wonder of wonders, a replacement cooker arrived in under twenty-four hours!

Folks, I call this POS (positively outstanding service). Amazon did not manufacture the cooker and yet they stood behind it. Returning the defective item couldn't have been any easier if the President of Amazon had pulled into our driveway and, with a tip of his "Boss" hat, handed me a replacement. How nice to deal with a company that takes care of the customer.

Do they have a customer for life? Does chocolate melt in your mouth?

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Donna Goode said...

I agree, Vonnie. You can hardly beat Amazon for their speedy service and vast product line available--including BOOKS! Love those books! And things at Amazon just keep getting better and better for authors. Yes, I'm another dyed-in-the-wool fan. I love your pretty blog site!
~Donna (one of the Celtic Queens!)