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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

What is my writing voice?

Finding one's voice in writing is not always easy. Often you have to write several things to hit your stride. Some writers write smoothly with style and grace, turning out phrases that make you stop and reread them, simply for the beauty of the well-worded phrase. Others write with a touch of scarcasm; a few with a dry wit that makes you grin. Then there are writers like me who tend to skip from one sub-genre to another, trying to find our style and voice.

I love writing humor. For me, it's easy--especially that bordering-on-the-absurd type of humor. I also like to delve into the dark, creepy segments of people's souls. For sure, I enjoy creating tension between a man and woman, slowly bringing them together. My voice seems to flow in fits and giggles, twists and turns, kisses and sighs--searching for a place to level out and be totally mine. I just hope I recognize it when I see it.

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