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Monday, September 6, 2010

Red Bird's Song

     I'm quite proud to say I belong to the Virginia Chapter of Romance Writers of America. I enjoy our online support group. Through e-mails, blog posts and online classes, I'm absorbing valuable information from many of the published writers of our chapter. Last week I decided it was time I started supporting these talented authors by buying and reading their books.
     When Beth Trissel announced her recent novel, Red Bird's Song, was out and that it contained strong Native elements, I chose hers as my first read of VA-RWA authors.                    
     Within the first few paragraphs, the heroine, Charity, is off and running--and I am running with her. No slow start here, folks. Beth has me seeing, hearing, tasting, shivvering and feeling along with Charity. When a writer can transport me to another era--in this case, pre-Revolutionary War--on a magic carpet ride of words, I am an instant fan.
     Typically, one does not review a book until the thrilling end when the book is gently closed with a smile and a sigh. But those of you who know me know I march to the beat of my own flute. Red Bird's Song is a great read with a complex and charming hero and heroine, a believable cast of supporting characters and a compelling plot that moves the entranced reader along. Add it to your collection of literary enjoyment.


Beth Trissel said...

Thanks for your lovely and enthusiastic tribute to Red Bird's Song, Vonnie. You are the first to weigh in. The print is out early but the official release day for the ebook is this Friday. :)

Cathy Kennedy said...

Your glowing review of Red Bird's Song is written with great enthusiasm. When a book can travel you across dimensions of time or even teleport you into the character's world, then the author has done his/her job well. Way to go, Beth!