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Monday, January 10, 2011


This week my guest is from Calgary, Alberta, Canada, erotic romance author, Jenna Howard. Jenna states she writes naughty stuff, things her mother is in denial about.  As a mother and grandma, I can relate. We like to hang onto the illusion that our "darling girls" are reserved young ladies. (I can see my daughter, Amy, rolling her eyes now. "Oh, Mom!")

Jenna states on her website -- -- that in the sixth grade she had to keep a journal. One assignment was writing "What do I want to be when I grow up." To which she carefully wrote that she "wanted to be a writer." Those words would guide her towards becoming a writer of teen angst stories in high school to erotic romance.   

1. Jenna, how long was your journey from that 6th grade journal to your first contract? And what in your life prepared you to write?

Oh God...math. Well grade six was in 1985-ish and my first contract was in 2005-ish. Soon about 20-ish years. Wow. That's a lot of ish.

2. What bad writing habits did you have to break? (For me it was POV issues and "said tags," for example)

Head hopping. Oh holy cow was I hopping heads. It pains me to read old stories where I don't even know what character's POV I'm briefly visiting.

3. What is your writing schedule like? Do you write daily?

I don't really have a set schedule. I try for daily but sometimes life gets in the way. Plus I'm, well, not that disciplined.

4. OK, I have to ask, what is cowboy kink? Be gentle with me, this is grandma askin'!

Well I've got a dominatrix (kinky) who uses rope and ties the hero in the back of a truck (kinkier) and spurs (kinkiest). Really...yes...she uses spurs on the hero. Yee-haw. She's so bad ass.

5. Mercy, where is my oxygen tank? You have a new release, Spurred On. Tell us about it. (a personal note, can we include the youtube link to your trailer in your blog? I think it's great!!)

He wears the spurs, but she's not afraid to use them.

Country singer and secret Domme Jessa Brody is home to perform at the Calgary Stampede and to brainstorm some new songs for her next album. Sexy bronc rider Luke O'Connor is once again the perfect inspiration for her songs and naughty dreams. Strong, brave and handsome, he's man enough to submit to her wildest desires. But can she handle the responsibilities that go hand in hand with being a good Domme, or will she lose herself --and Luke--when Spurred On?

Thanks about the trailer. I love doing them. (Yes, I'm the TNT in Gunpowder Designs. :D) Here's the trailer link.


Anonymous said...

Really fun interview! And love all the flowers on this blog! Great job all around.
Joy Held
Writer Wellness, A Writer's Path to Health and Creativity
Who Dares Wins Publishing

Anonymous said...

Thanks for having me, Vonnie!

Sloane Taylor said...

Excellent interview, Jenna. Your humor is terrific. Congrats on your new release and may it sell millions!

Jan Springer said...

Cool interview, Jenn!
You gotta love those spurs. ;-)


Anonymous said...

Sloane & Jan, you two are the best entourage. I'm taking you with me everywhere I go.

Vonnie Davis said...

Spurs, ah yes, I'd even menitoned their possible use in my book. But I only had enough nerve to suggest it. While you, Jenna, were brave enough to show us exactly how a lady should use them. Thanks for visiting Vintage Vonnie, dearheart.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for having me, Vonnie.

I couldn't NOT use the spurs. Do it, Vonnie. It's deliciously fun to write when you're scared - the best stuff comes out then.