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Thursday, January 20, 2011

The Phantom Lady Comes to Visit

The proofs for Calvin's book arrived yesterday. He signed the contract in August, so it's been a while to move from point A to point B. The publishing world moves at its own speed.

Non-writers often don't understand. If you tell them you've signed a contract, their face brightens and they ask, "So how soon will it be in the stores?" When you respond, "In a year or two," they resemble a fish out of water--slack-jawed and beady-eyed. "Huh, why so long?"

It's easy to understand their disbelief. We live in a world of instant gratification. Pizza in five minutes, microwaved meals, faster Internet speeds, complete novels downloaded to eReaders in forty-five seconds. Frankly, I'm surprised doctors haven't figured out a way to speed-up a woman's reproductive system so the baby gets here quicker than nine months.

Granted smaller publishers have a shorter turn-around time. Often three to four months from contract signing date. ePublishers are quicker, too. The advent of smaller publishers and eBooks are challenging the larger publishing giants like David with his slingshot.

In my opinioin, these changes are long overdue.

Pardon me while I go help Calvin read and correct his proofs. We have company, you know--The Phantom Lady of Paris.

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Deb Maher said...

Looks like an enchanting book! In October we flew to Paris for a week. So many of the scenes in your trailer looked familiar. I'll look forward to reading this when it's released. All my best.