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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Book Trailer Saga --

My agent sent me a text the other day asking me if my book trailer was finished. I groaned. I'd made one for Calvin, and it was indeed a traumatic endeavor. I was in no hurry to delve into that stressful process again.

Most of the pictures I used in Calvin's trailer, for his novel set in Paris, were ours from our last trip there. What pictures would I use for mine? We'd never been to Texas, never been on a ranch. I began pouring over websites: Microsoft free clip-art, iStock Photos, FreeFoto and Romance Novel Covers. This process took days--days that kept me from my writing. I had a tiny budget I was willing to spend for photo use rights. Thank goodness I was able to procure what I needed and still keep within my budget.

Then the creative process began. I used the Windows Movie Maker that was installed in my laptop when I bought it. Imagine my delight when it only took me 6 hours to create it! Imagine my shock when I saved it and the thing disappeared! Poof! Gone! I checked through all my files. Nothing.

The second version saw a few more bells and whistles. Maybe it was a good thing the first one evaporated, I thought, a smug smile curling my lips. This one is soooo much better. I clicked on "save as", chose the folder and file name and hit "save." It disappeared in a cold silent gush of air. Gone. Finito. Passed into oblivion. Folks, I couldn't deal with anymore failure. I went to bed.

Day 2 found me at it again, grumbling, hoping, trying so hard to get it right this time. My finger trembled over the mouse before I hit "save." Success!! Now to convert it into a movie. The process, it told me, based on the length of the trailer, would be 53 minutes. I waited. I stripped the bed and put the sheets into the washer. I fed the cat some snackies. I watered my plants. I mopped the kitchen floor. Now, I have no clue what timing system my computer uses, but by my clock it took 2 hours and 20 minutes for those measely 53 minutes to pass. Finally, it was ready to view. I waited with baited breath for it to load. It was perfection! Silent sweet perfection. Silent? Where was the song I'd attached?

Back to the drawing board.

Two more verisons bit the dust for reasons I can't even recall in the trailer-hazed recess of my addled brian. But finally--FINALLY--I finished it. Music, pictures, text, effects, everything--perfect. I converted it to a movie. Uploaded it to youtube at 4:20 in the morning. I went to bed, exhausted, but happy.

I looked at my creation several times the following day, immensely pleased with it. Granted, it wasn't of a professional caliber, but it was mine. More importantly, it was done! Then...then as I viewed it for the 12th time, I thought I saw a double word. My heart sank. No. No, tell me no!! I played it again and sure enough one segment read "on a deserted country country road." I wanted to scream! I wanted to cry! All that work, all that effort and I'd posted onto Youtube a book trailer with a HUGE flaw! How had I missed that mistake? Because I was dead tired, that's why.

After a few hours of forehead banging against the wall, I decided to let it stay that way. I would NOT create another one. My mind is made up on this folks. I won't do it! Really, I won't. Although, if I did, I could change the colors on some of the text that don't show up as well as I'd like. Nope! Nope, I won't go back there. I will NOT set foot in book-trailer-making-hell again. I simply won't...

You can view my trailer--mistakes and all--at


Penny Rader said...

You're so much braver than I am. It scares me silly just thinking about trying to make a trailer, though I would love to see my story come to life on the screen. One of these days, maybe. ;D

Rhiannon said...

Awwww! Poor Vonnie! The good news is your trailer is FAB! Great job :)

I have to tell you...Windows Movie Maker didn't work well with my brain either. I ended up ditching it and downloading PhotoStory 3. It still took me longer than I'd hoped to create mine. I can see why people get paid to do this! I need to make another one...I'm pouting about it as I type.