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Monday, March 7, 2011

Unlikely Friends

Calvin and I love sentimental movies, especially if they offer a kernel of hope and a dash of forgiveness. Tonight we watched an old Hallmark movie, "The Locket," based on Richard Paul Evans best-selling novel.

I took great delight in the crafting of the story--an envious delight, if I'm honest.

A male nurse's aide at a nursing home makes friends with a crotchety, cantankerous resident. Together they resolve issues in their lives and forge a bond of acceptance and love. Obviously I'm omitting several layers of this well-crafted story.

While we watched it, I kept thinking why...oh, why...can't I write something like this? Their friendship was a true love story, not a romance, but a love story just the same.

Do you ever wish you had that special kind of story buried in the bottom of your creative psyche? One that touched hearts when read? One that did more than entertain, but induced some serious thinking...and crying...and sighing? I know I do.

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Anonymous said...

Nice post, Vonnie. Keep writing. You DO have that great story in you as we all do. It's a matter of writing and writing and writing until you find it.