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Saturday, April 16, 2011


Spring is my favoite season. I get excited as I walk around our yard, looking for evidence of Mother Earth waking up after a long winter--and as I age, every winter seems longer. Perhaps I'm just too eager for the coming of Spring.

The first signs are always the green of the tulips as they pierce the earth. Too bad the deer that meander through our yard like my tulips as much as I do, because they eat them before they ever go into bloom. They treat my flowers as if they're part of an all-u-can eat buffet.

In mid-March the white magnolia tree at the corner of our front porch sweetens the air with its blossoms. The magenta-colored magnolia along the side of the house blooms a couple weeks later. At about the same time, our redbud opens, too.

I must confess, though, my favorite flower is the hyacinth with its heady aroma. I could smell it year-round. White ones don't do it for me, though. They have to be either purple or pink.

Spring also conjurs lighter spirits, more energy and the urge to be outdoors. I want to play in the dirt or go for longs walks to explore. That's when fanciful thoughts flit through my mind. When "what-if's" present themselves in their uniquely fashioned way, and story-lines are formed. Characters born. Snippets of dialog played out, to see if, like Shakespeare said, the dialog "falls tripingly from the tongue."

What spurs your writer's imagination this time of year? Any new story ideas sprouting, peeping from the grey recesses of your mind? I have a couple, mainly the next novel in my Red Hand Conspiracy series. The beginning lines of the book are almost blooming, and they make me smile. Spring, ya gotta love it.

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