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Saturday, July 30, 2011


The "Roses of Prose" Blog has recently undergone a lot of changes. The site is redesigned with a fabulous new look and format. There are new Roses, too. Lucky me, I'll be one of them. You'll be able to recognize me in an instant: I'm the thorny one.

Each of the fourteen Roses will blog twice a month on various things pertaining to writing, reading and life in general. I'll be blogging on the 12th and 27th. From time to time, there will be guest authors to bring a fresh perspective.

Although many of the Roses are romance writers, some are also women's fiction writers. Should be a nice mix. I hope you'll stop by often. The grand unveiling day is August 1st. Please check us out.


Melinda said...

Knowing you are going to be there you bet your boots I will visit

Walk in harmony,

Anonymous said...

Hi Vonnie it's Renee from TWRP workshop. I enjoy your blog so much I presented you with an award! Nice work.