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Saturday, September 24, 2011


Believe me, I'm trying not to freak. Yet, I'm finding as I age, I'm less spontaneous, less able to adapt to quick upsets in my schedule. Edits for my novella, Those Violet Eyes, are scheduled to arrive the end of October. Edits for Mona Lisa's Room will come shortly thereafter.

Mona Lisa's Room, a romantic suspense, is book one of The Red Hand series. The editor wants the next two books as quickly as possible, so I'm writing like a fool, upset with myself for not making much headway. I'm still in the phase of getting a handle on my characters. Just when I think I know them, they do something that makes me scratch my head. Then I have to go back to previous chapters and layer in elements to support the unexpected behavior or reaction. I'd hoped to be further along than this. In fact, I'd told my agent to expect book two, Rain is a Love Song, by the end of October. Folks, it ain't happenin'.

I have a cyst on the side of my face in front of my left ear. The cyst, the size of a large grape, according to the CT scan is attached to one of my saliva glands. Heck, no wonder I ain't worth spit, as the saying goes. The cyst is growing, causing pain in my ear and jaw, to say nothing of the constant headaches.

So, in a few weeks I'll have surgery to remove it. Because of all the facial nerves involved, it is an intricate operation. The surgeon says it'll take about four hours. Please keep your fingers crossed that he won't knick a nerve and my face will resemble Jack Nicholson's Joker in the old Bat Man movie.

The incision will start on my cheek at the base of my ear and go up the side of my face, over my ear and down the back of my ear and half way down my neck. My head will be shaved in that area, too. I shudder to think how I'll look afterward, but there's no getting away from it. I need the surgery.

Granted at my age, appearances aren't high on my list of priorities. If they were I'd spend more time in the gym and less time writing. But writing is my life right now...and I'm trying not to freak as life throws me this curve ball. My edits will get done on time. My current WIP will get done--eventually--without the pain I'm struggling with now. Things will be fine. I'll be fine. My book will be fine. Right?


AJ Nuest said...

Well, this is just a crappy thing, Vonnie. I'm so sorry to hear about this upcoming surgery. Geesh! I wish I had some sage piece of advice to share. The most important thing is that you (and Calvin) take care of YOU! Yes, the writing is important and most likely provides a nice escape, but please take care of yourself! The stories will get done -- you're right. I'll send up a prayer to cover both you AND the surgeon. Please keep us up to speed on all the details. Big hugs, my friend! Ohhh...I don't like this one bit!!

Joanne Stewart said...

Oh Vonnie what a load that's landed right in your lap. With the cist alone it's a wonder you can write at all. I say it's a testament to your strength that you've managed to get this far. But I'm with AJ. Take care of you first. That's the most important thing. I have no doubt that you can get those stories done though and that the editors will be thrilled with them. Lots of prayers and positive thoughts coming your way Vonnie!

Susan Macatee said...

That's terrible, Vonnie, and I wish you luck. I had a similar thing happen when I was working through edits on my latest novel. I had everything well in hand, but while out with my dog in the park, another dog, a ninety pound boxer, ran into my knee and broke off the tibia plateau. That of course, required surgery, but I was able to get the edits done, even though my editor would've granted me an extension. But what else did I have to do? I couldn't do housework or even walk without crutches for three weeks.

Now, two months post surgery, I'm doing well. And my book is finished. Just waiting for a release date.

Maeve said...

Yes. You will be fine, Vonnie, and so will your books. Stop. Breathe. Go to the woods with a big fluffy pillow and beat the crap out of a big ole tree. It'll help release that knot of anxiety. Know that you've got your friends and family holding you close in their thoughts and know that everything is going to be fine. I will not think otherwise - and don't you harbor those wicked little thoughts either. Take care!

Vonnie Davis said...

Thanks, dearhearts. You'll all be happy to know I cried over every comment. Did you read AJ's most excellent post on eliciting emotions? Well, you ladies do it SOooo well. Thanks for your kind thoughts.

Jannine Gallant said...

Of course everything will be fine! Positive thinking, lady. Maybe the recovery time will be the push you need to get through your edits and sequels. Congrats on that!

Jennifer Jakes said...

Yes! You will be fine and gorgeous as always! And the edits will get done along with the new writing. I'm sure Cal has a marvelous bedside manner, so you two can just snuggle and write and take it easy:)
You'll be in my thoughts and prayers.

Melinda said...


The type of person you are the Creator will take his hand and watch over you. I do have some news to share with you, something in common, about 5 years ago I had the same grape size on my temple atttached to my eye. I had to have it surgical removed also. I was scared to death too.

I had it removed and it was all okay and I know the way you are the wonderful person and you are needed here so I know the Creator will take care of you.

I will do a special ceremony for you here on my end. I will use sage and bless you and your doctor but could you email me the day your surgery is scheduled for so I can also do a blessing on that day.

You are the dearest person to me.

Love and Hugs,

LaVerne Clark said...

Absolutely you'll be fine Vonnie.

What a very scary and frustrating thing to happen, just when you're getting great momentum with your writing. I'm not surprised you're scared. I would be too. But you're a strong, courageous woman who has been through some tough times in life already, and you will get through this too, especially with Cal by your side. You have an army of people who love you and will be wishing/praying/thinking your health back to normal as quickly as possible.

Try not to worry about your current WIP. The time for that will be from your recovery onwards - minus the headaches and fear. How wonderful!

Thinking of you with love,

Leigh D'Ansey said...

Take good care of yourself, Vonnie - that's the most important thing - thinking of you.

Sarah Grimm said...


I have faith that everything will be fine. Stay positive! And make sure to take care of yourself. I'll keep you in my thoughts. :-)

Lilly Gayle said...

Oh Vonnie,
I'm sending cyber hugs! I'm still trying to write the sequel to my vampire romance that came out last year, but as soon as I got the edits to the two historicals that came out this year, I ignored the WIP. And while I was away, they did crazy things and now I must whip them back in shape so they will toe the plot line.

But I don't have 2 or 3 books in the works as you do. And I do not have an agent. So, I'm not quite as stressed as you...or blessed in the writing dept. Two edged sword, isn't it?

But congratulations on all your contracts and the success of Storm's Interlude. It's getting rave reviews and is on my TBR list.

As for the surgery, my cousin had it 3 or 4 years ago. Small, linear scar and she wasn't out of commission more than a day or two. Then again, she was 21 at the time. But you'll do just fine too. Stay positive and know all your friends (real and online)will be praying for you.

Sandra Koehler said...

Love and prayers to you Vonnie! About ten years ago, I had a tumor removed that was the size of a football! Very frightening; they weren't sure what it was...they love to make you worry...and it turned out to be benign and harmless, so hang in there and keep writing!

Alison Chambers

Vonnie Davis said...

Thanks to all of you for your kind words and cyber hugs to each of you. I'm sure I'll be fine. Unplanned things seem to throw me more so than when my children were growing up and life was one unplanned thing after another. Again, thanks and much love to you all.

Caroline Clemmons said...

vonnie, so sorry to hear about the upcoming surgery and your discomfort. Two of my friends have had that surgery and neither resembles the Joker. LOL I know how you feel, though. I've had ankle surgery and thyroid cancer surgery in recent years and, no matter how much reassurance you receive from the doctor, it's scary when it's your body. I know Calvin will take good care of you and you'll have a complete recovery. You'll be in my prayers, of course.

Jill James said...

Vonnie, cyber hugs to you. Take care of you. Enjoy the writing as you heal. It will all work out, I know it will.

Jan Romes said...

Vonnie, just said a prayer for you that all goes well. Let The Lord, your family, and friends help you to stay strong through this ordeal.

Giant hug,


Charmaine said...

In the name of Jesus, help Vonnie and Calvin to embrace the peace and healing only You can give. We thank You, Lord, that through Your insight, the doctor knows what is going on with Vonnie. Thank You, Lord. We don't know why this is happening right now, but thank You that her problem is correctable. Please guide the doctors and nurses during this intricate procedure, may all the medications and other things that have to work together not interfere with her surgery or recovery. We thank You, Lord, for what You will do. May you replace worry and stress with peace and assurance, in the name of Jesus, amen.

Calisa Rhose said...

Oh Vonnie. I'm so sorry for your pain and worry doesn't help any situation. You've been doled a month's worth at one time. Prayers Jack Nicholson will be the only Joker people remember. And YES! You, your edits, and your books will be great! (And this is measly when following Charmaine's lovely pray to which I add an AMEN).