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Saturday, February 4, 2012


I was wondering what to fix for dinner when I opened Calisa Rhose's email. I wiped the drool from my chin and gained 5 pounds just from looking at the award.

Calisa is author of the Vietnam era romance, Home. As I wrote in my Amazon review, her historically accurate details of clothing, music, cars, attitudes and morals were very true to the era. I graduated from high school in '66, so reading her story truly was like going home for me. You may find her blog at

Along with the blogger award comes a requirement. I have to share seven things about myself. These are supposed to be things people may not know about me.

Here are my seven:
1. When not writing or reading, I love to draw blueprints for houses.
2. I was 45 when I started college...typical granny goes to college story. I became the "poster child" for Penn State for non-traditional students by way of posters, interviews and speaking to women's groups.
3. I wrote plays put on by Penn State students and also for a non-profit theatre group.
4. I used to work on engines at a Mack Truck plant.
5. In high school I fell UP the bus steps. Graceful, I'm not.
6. While in Berlin, I got in trouble trying to get into a Jewish synogague. It's a long story that involves a metal detector, an open fly and being unable to speak German. Plus, those German security guards have NO sense of humor...sigh.
7. I was, for a few years, a motorcycle momma.


Calisa Rhose said...

I would LOVE to hear more about the Germans with no humor and open flys! So, um, what's for dinner?

Vonnie Davis said...

Whatever I serve, if you come over from Oklahoma, it'll be served with wine and much laughter. My dear, wouldn't we have a blast!!

marie colligan said...

This is just a test. Am I doing this right?-Marie

Vonnie Davis said...

Yes, perfect!