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Tuesday, July 3, 2012



We've been without power for four days here in south-central Virginia thanks to a huge windstorm. A land hurricane, weather experts called it. Half of our city is without power, including us. Traffic lights aren't working. Our two hospitals are ruinning on generators. Many businesses are closed. It's a mess. Everyone is hunting for places to eat, get in out of the 104 temps and recharge batteries and access Wi-Fi. So, while I have internet access in this crowded restaurant, let me post a few quick remarks, 'cause I'm late for this event. With all that's going on, I forgot.

For those of you who leave a comment, one of you will be eligible for a drawing for a paperback copy of STORM'S INTERLUDE and a T-shirt. For a second commenter, you may also win an eCopy of THOSE VIOLET EYES. So, leave a comment and PLEASE include a way for me to reach you. How can I tell you that you've won if I have no clue how to email you? Meanwhile, stay cool and celebrate our nation's birthday.

Someone swaggered out of the moonlit night toward Rachel. Exhausted from a long day of driving, she braked and blinked. Either she was hallucinating or her sugar levels had plummeted. Maybe that accounted for the male mirage, albeit a very magnificent male mirage, trekking toward her. She peered once more into the hot July night at the image illuminated by her headlights. Sure enough, there he was, cresting the hill on foot—a naked man wearing nothing but a black cowboy hat, a pair of boots and a go-to-hell sneer.
Well, well, things really did grow bigger in Texas. The man quickly covered his privates with his black Stetson. Rachel sighed. The show was evidently over. Should she stand up in her Beetle convertible and applaud? Give a couple of catcalls? Wolf whistles? Maybe not.
She turned down the music on the car’s CD player. Sounds of crickets and a lonely bullfrog in the distance created a nighttime symphony in the stillness of this isolated stretch of country road. Lightning bugs darted back and forth, blinking a display of neon-yellow glow.
The naked man strode toward her car, and Rachel’s heart rate kicked up. Common sense told her to step on the gas, yet what woman wanted to drive away from such a riveting sight? Still, life had taught her to be careful. She reached into her handbag and extracted her chrome revolver. Before he reached her car, she quickly slid her gun under the folds of her skirt.
Just let him try anything funny—I know how to take care of myself.



Foretta said...

Thanks so much for the contest

Mel Bourn said...

I hope you and your family are ok! Being without power is so hard. Prayers to you!!

bournmelissa at hotmail dot com

Lisa said...

Hope you and your family are ok. Heard that FPL (my state's electric company) is on it's way to help out. Living in hurricane country, I know how it feels to go without power for a long time.


katsrus said...

Hope you are safe and staying cool. We are just having that awful heat wave in the midwest. I love your book cover and the book sounds amazing. Thanks for being part of the blog hop. Happy 4th of July.
Sue B

David M. Brown said...

Sounds really bad over there.

Hope everyone is okay now.

Nancy Jardine said...

Vonnie, I'm so glad you managed to put in a post for this. I'm pretty sure you'd have been gutted otherwise! It's good to know all is improving now!

Tina Hamilton said...

Stay safe and hope you and everyone else gets your power back soon.

Carin said...

I live in MD and we have had some of our neighbors without power for about 5 days from the wind. I have everyone affected in my thoughts and prayers.
Hope your power will be returned quickly.

Vonnie Davis said...

Thanks to you all for leaving a comment. All names were put into Calvin's hat and the winners drawn and notified.

Lisa won a paperback copy of STORM'S INTERLUDE and a T-shirt.

Tina won an eBook copy of THOSE VIOLET EYES.

Congrats to you both.