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Sunday, October 28, 2012


Tonight I shall say good-bye to a friend. A friend who's kept me company for the last week as I've drifted off to sleep. Even when my bronchitus was at its worst, this buddy never let go of my hand. I've enjoyed getting to know this lierary companion, a romantic suspense named FADEOUT. Knowing Rolynn, auhor of FADEOUT, was guesting here today, I wanted to read all of her book so I could tell you about Jan, who the hero calls Jazz, and Roman, a driven man who cuts no one any slack. As these characters became real in my mind's eye, I enjoyed how Rolynn showed me the weakness, hang-ups and quirks both characters possessed. And, page after page, these weaknesses somehow became strengths. I can't tell you how much I enjoyed her character development. Secondary characters added a stern realistic and often tenderly comical dimension to the story.

Oh, and the dog. LOL Let's not forget the dog. The day serious, take-no-prisoners Roman got down on his stomach to lay not one, but two doggie biscuits on the floor in front of one wiley schnauser to keep him from biting him--again--was a visual that made me laugh until I cried. I could just see his exasperated expression. The set of his jaw.

So, I'm tickled to have Rolynn here at Vintage Vonnie today...

I’m halfway through reading Vonnie Davis’ new MONA LISA’S ROOM enjoying how Vonnie develops her heroine, Alyson.  Since Vonnie writes romantic suspense, as I do, and MONA LISA’S ROOM releases in early November (my FADEOUT came out this month), we’re both on edge, hoping our heroines resonate with readers. 


Do they represent what it means to be human?  To me, part of that ‘reality’ means the heroine has vulnerabilities.


Alyson, in MONA LISA’S ROOM, has come out of a disappointing marriage that has left her feeling unloved, old, not sexy and worried about her ability to choose appropriate men to be with.  She’s become a person who wears flip-flops instead of heels.


My character Jan, in FADEOUT, left her long-time boyfriend to take care of her dying mother.  Her mother’s gone, now, but Jan’s been living in a house empty of furniture for six months.   Why can’t she buy a bed so her boyfriend can sleep with her when/if he visits?  She was once a big company executive;  why  can’t she make decisions and take action anymore?


Vulnerabilities.  Alyson and Jan enter our stories confused, hurt and lacking confidence.  They live in a world turned upside down by events they can’t seem to control, no matter how smart they are.  And that’s where the suspense in our stories begins. 


I can’t wait to finish Aly’s story; I hope you’ll enjoy Jan’s journey in FADEOUT.  Here’s the cover and here’s the blurb.


BLURB for FADEOUT by Rolynn Anderson:

Jan Solvang has spent her life avoiding conflict and commitment. Six months ago, she left a marriage proposal and a job in Seattle to care for her dying mother. Now she's stuck with her mother's California house and her mother's dog, filling her mother's shoes as a memorial planner with her estranged father.


Roman Keller thrives on conflict, writing documentaries that reveal the flaws of the famous. Jan’s challenge is to help him write a positive eulogy for a grandfather he disliked, but Roman is more interested in her other client: a powerful attorney with a dark past his family wants buried with him. If Jan stands behind the family and Roman goes for the exposé, who’s in danger and who wins?


The tension between them pulls tighter as each discovers the other is keeping secrets.  But if they tell the truth, will they destroy any chance for love?



FADEOUT in print & download at


Dixie Brown said...

Ohhh! Both of these books sound intriguing, ladies. They're now both on my TBR list. Great post.

And the website looks great, Vonnie!

Vonnie Davis said...

Hi Dixie, thanks for stopping by. Rolynn, a retired school principal, has written a great story. Glad you liked my redesigned website. It looks much cleaner and more professional than what I had before.

LisaRayns said...

What a fun idea. Love the way you two work together. Fadeout is the first book I'm going to read in Dec after Nano. I'm so excited! And now I see another I'll have to check into. Mona Lisa's Room sounds great too.

Rolynn Anderson said...

Lisa and Dixie, nice to see you here. Thanks for your enthusiasm for FADEOUT. And good luck on Nano, Lisa!

Joanne Stewart said...

I'm with Dixie! These sound like fantastic books. I love heroines with hearts, with vulnerabilities and fears, and these ladies sound right up my ally! They've gone on my TBR pile! Terrific, cover, BTW, Rolynn!

Rolynn Anderson said...

Joanne, both FADEOUT and MONA LISA'S ROOM love being in your TBR pile. Happy reading! Rolynn

LisaRayns said...

Thanks, Rolynn!

Vonnie Davis said...

I'm poking my head in to check on the party. I've been writing blogs and doing laundry all day. How's it going, Rolynn? I see you've had 121 hits today, according to my stats. Sure hope it generates some interest for you.

Lisa, thank for stopping by and good luck with NaNo, you brave girl. I'm always too into my current WIP or edits to give it a go.

Joanne, you'll have to check out our stories. Sizzle and suspense--a great combination.

Rolynn Anderson said...

All is good, Vonnie. I'm in Palm Springs right now, with my mind on my brothers who live on the East Coast. Glad to hear about the hits, however. In this case, hits are a blessing! Rolynn

Angela Adams said...

I enjoyed reading this post. Your books sound so intriguing.