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Sunday, January 20, 2013

Morgan K. Wyatt's Rebel Hearts Series by Vonnie Davis

I've got vivacious Morgan K. Wyatt visiting Vintage Vonnie today. Morgan tells me, as a child, she had to suffer through movies with clueless heroines rescued by smart men. Oh, I remember those days, don't you? Her mother dutifully read her stories where princesses waited for princes to jumpstart their lives. Yup, yup, read my share of those stories, too. There were no proactive female role models in the media at that time, with the exception of Wonder Woman. It is for this reason, and that it is fun, Morgan writes about strong women going after what they want. Oh Morgan, honey, you're my kind of writer. I do love a spunky heroine.
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I want to talk about my historical "Rebel Hearts Series." UNDERCOVER REBEL is the first book in the series.

Emily Audley couldn’t remember when she fell in love with her neighbor, Gray Masterson. He unfortunately didn’t really notice her as a woman until the eve of his leaving to fight in the Civil War. A magical evening ensued with him asking her to wait for him. News that he’s been killed on the battlefield propels her into action. She knows he is alive she just has to find him. The only thing between her and her true love is miles of swamp land, a major war, and her own doubts. Emily wrestles with Gray’s possible death, imprisonment, or that he’s unwilling to return to her. Can a sheltered Southern Belle navigate the horrors of war to retrieve her fiancĂ©? Emily is willing to try.

Book Two in the series is REBEL BRIDE
Eileen Sewell sparks plenty of gossip by spiteful matrons and their horse-faced daughters that she’d find herself alone due to her picky ways. Of course, she didn’t believe them. Then again, she also didn’t expect to be a mail order bride either. It wasn’t easy snagging a husband who hadn’t heard about her willful nature. Eileen finally gave up hope of finding love, and decided to settle for whatever she’d find out west. If that wasn’t lowering enough, she’d just witnessed the first train robbery. Unfortunately, the outlaws saw her too. Enter Marshal Colt Sheppard, who excels at extracting information from reticent witnesses. His crooked smile and broad shoulders won’t charm her. She’d played this game before, only she never had a worthy adversary. Talk about bad timing.


Rebel Heartsong has yet to be assigned a release date, but I'm in love with the cover.

Before I go, I also want to mention my contemporary short story ~ BLIND DATE.

Darla never had time for love. Even though she worked in the perfume industry that epitomizes romance; no appropriate male ever wandered into the picture. Maybe that’s why she accepted her friend’s suggestion to fix up her up. Plus desperation, and a desire to make sure she even remembered how to act like a woman as opposed to a corporate warrior. Too bad, her arranged date fell on the eve before her meeting with some hot shot Italian nobleman she needed to sign for her company’s continued success. Even more ironic, her blind date Alex besides being the poster child for all things delicious had a sexy Italian accent. The accent alone should have reminded her of the need to prepare for her meeting. Instead charmed by his old world manners and animal magnetism she allows him to take charge and forgets about business. Two things she’d never done before.

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Thanks Vonnie & Angela, I appreciate both your support.

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Popped over from the WLC Blog Follow program on the World Literary Cafe! Great to connect!

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