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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

All or Nothing by Dixie Lee Brown

Sometimes you "meet" a lovely, supportive person online and you connect. You become "online buddies" who might not recognize each other if you were in the same line at Starbucks. Odd how our cyber-world operates. We "know" them and yet we don't. One of my online buddies and fellow dog lover is romantic suspense author Dixie Lee Brown. I "met" her through our agent, Dawn Dowdle. Dawn has created a community of writers who encourage, inform and support one another. I doubt few other literary agents take the time to be sure her/his clients are connected. Ours does.

Dixie never fails to read whatever I write and then leaves a review on Amazon. Hey, how can you not love a person like that?

Dixie Lee Brown launches her Trust No One series with this tale of a hunted woman and the only man who can save her life . . . if she'll let him.

Dixie's debut book released today, and I'm uber excited for her. She has no idea I'm posting about her TRUST NO ONE, but when I read what her editor at Avon--Chelsey Emmelhainz--said at RT Book Reviews, well I was kind of ashamed I hadn't taken the initiative to help. So, I'm doing a bit of "cut and pasting" magic. Her editor said: I am thrilled to introduce the newest member of the Avon Impulse family: Dixie Lee Brown and her debut novel, All Or Nothing! When the manuscript of All Or Nothing first made an appearance at our weekly editorial meeting, there were oohs and ahhs all around. Romantic suspense has made a serious comeback, and Dixie leaves nothing behind with her fast-paced, heart-pounding action, clever twists, and fabulous characters (including some very sexy alpha males!). Her writing keeps you on the edge of your chair and up all night — you won’t want to put this one down!


Somebody wants Cara Sinclair dead. Joe Reynolds is determined to keep her alive, but that's not all he wants.

Divorcing one of the west coast's most notorious crime bosses is probably not the best idea Cara ever had. If not for her half brother, Brian, convincing her abusive ex-husband to leave her alone, she'd have been dead six months ago.

Now Joe, a man she meets right before two gunmen try to kill them both, tells her it's not her ex-husband who's out to get her. Joe just saved her life and she wants to trust him, but who else could possibly want her dead? And why does she get the feeling Joe didn't appear in her life just by chance?

Joe's undercover investigation into Cara's family business reveals Sinclair Arms Distributing is selling illegal automatic weapons. The investigation goes bad and one of Joe's operatives dies, but not before telling Joe that Cara's life is in danger.

Joe promises to keep her safe, but he also intends to use her to find the evidence he needs against her brother. All he has to do is convince her to trust him.

Falling in love with her isn't part of the plan.

All or Nothing -



Dixie Lee Brown said...

Well, aren't you the sneaky one, Vonnie. This just might be the most thoughtful thing anyone has ever done for me. I'm getting all emotional (sniff, sniff). Thank you my dear friend. I'm sure you have no idea how much you and your words of wisdom have helped me along this road. And your books...oh my gosh...your wonderful books! You are a joy. Thank you.

Vonnie Davis said...

As soon as I finish the memoir I'm reading now, I'm going to allow your book to bring some magic into my life. Can not wait!!! Glad you enjoyed your surprise.

Vonnie Davis said...

As soon as I finish the memoir I'm reading now, I'm going to allow your book to bring some magic into my life. Can not wait!!! Glad you enjoyed your surprise.

Martha Emms said...

I found your great blog through the WLC Blog Follows on the World Literary Cafe! Great to connect!

Angela Adams said...

Hot book cover, Dixie. Best wishes with your release.