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Friday, March 8, 2013

When One Smacks the Wall by Vonnie Davis

My brain is fried. My creative juices nearly dry. And my eyes are weary and blurry. Yup, I've officially smacked the wall and I'm all used up for a while. It was a Christmas novella that did me in, trying to meet publishers' deadlines for Christmas stories.

I've been writing nonstop for nearly three years, during which time I've contracted eight books and novellas. As soon as I'd type "The End" on one story, I'd open a new document and start something new. At many times I had three projects on the go. I've taken very few days off, pushing myself to get as many things out there as I could, to make a name for myself in some small way. But we all know quality outshines quantity any day. I'm running out of quality, folks. I need a bit of a break.

So, for the next two or three weeks, I'm going to pretend I'm normal. I'll do things like clean out closets and organize my spices. Flirt with my husband and boss the grandkids. Repot some houseplants and get a pedicure. And--supressing a **SQUEE** here--plan our trip to Paris. We've decided to go sometime in September. Am I excited? I can't begin to tell you how much.

I'll still be around these next few weeks, blogging and emailing, posting on facebook and twitter. But, for now, the writing cave is closed for creative repairs.


Angela Adams said...

Have fun and enjoy!!!

Vonnie Davis said...

I will Angela. Thanks!!

Joanne Stewart said...

Okay, I posted a comment that didn't show up. I think I did CAPTCHA wrong and closed the box before I realized it. So, if you get two of apologies.

You're not alone. I'm in the same position. And I've been here before, so I recognize this place. I'm a perfectionist and I tend to push myself to my limits. I'm positive it's why I can't finish this dang book--because I feel stressed and dried up. I think we can only push ourselves so hard before the muse and the body and the spirit just say....enough. Feed me. It's a balance and I'm not very good at it.

So, as soon as I finish this stupid book and send it to Dawn, I'm joining you and taking a break. It's almost ironic that you posted this, actually, because I just came to this conclusion yesterday.

You deserve a break, my dear. And Paris. Oh my gosh, I'm so jealous. My hubby won't leave the country. I hope you enjoy the heck out of your break. Eat too much, love too much and come back with a fat, happy little muse. :)

Lorelei Confer said...

I've read your books and I know you put 110% into them. You definitely deserve a break. I'm a writer too and I know the feeling of typing 'The End' and also know the how to do it all over again.

Thanks for all your books. They'll fantastic!

Vonnie Davis said...

JoAnn, we do drive ourselves, don't we? I think part of my problem is I keep thinking "Gee, I'll be 65 in May. HOW much time do I have left? Why didn't I start this journey earlier?"

I tried this once before and only last three days before the voices in my head got me all excited and I started another book. I'm forcing myself to take more time--a couple or three weeks. Do some much needed spring cleaning in the house and play in the yard. As you can see, I'm not so good at balance either. Sigh...why is that?

Vonnie Davis said...

Lorelei, how nice to "meet" you. Your kind words have made my day. I'm sure by next month at this time I'll be back in full swing. My eyes are what concern me the most, this last week there have been times when I couldn't read my words on the screen. The story is now with my agent. I'm expecting her to call and ask what kind of mess did I send her. LOL Now I'm off to buy one of your books. I love finding a new author. Woot!!!

Charlotte Copper said...

Relax and enjoy your time off Vonnie, you deserve it!

glenys said...

Vonnie - you know, there's a lot of wisdom in realising when you're used up and need the break, instead of pushing and pushing until the break gets you anyway:-)
I'm hurtling towards that wall but telling myself I can't stop until the next book is finished.
Finding balance in our lives is an ongoing trick. I asked myself the other day what else I did besides write, promo, and think about writing. I didn't much like the answer, so I need to do some reorganising.
Maybe someone will dangle Paris before my eyes as a carrot to reach THE End....
Have a wonderful time and come back ready to wow us some more with your creativity!

Angel Nicholas said...

I'm very happy that you're taking the time to care for you, Vonnie. You'll return refreshed and eager to get back to work. Looking forward to a fall trip to Paris will no doubt help considerably.