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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Confessions of a Word Game Junkie by Linda Joyce

Do you love words?

Maybe you like the sound of them: Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious

Or how they’re strung together in ways that touch your emotions—anticipation, joy, or sadness. A word added to another and slid just the right way into a sentence can produce a smile.

Maybe you like word games, too. I confess I’m a Word-Game Junkie.

I particularly like to play Word Dynamo. The game is like a slot machine. You click a button, a word pops up, then you pick the definition of your choice. Feedback comes immediately!

There may not be flashing lights and loud buzzers like in a casino, yet, it’s gratifying to see the big green X and “Correct!” at the top of the page.

I usually start with the game “How many Words to you know?”

Here’s a sample of the vocabulary words:  






Then, I move on to “Choose a topic to learn.” I select “Test Prep” and GRE Vocal Level 1: A-C. There are 27 words in the list; here is a sampling of 5.   






If I’m feeling really lucky, I move on to “Tricky Words for the GRE”
The game has 49 words. Again, a sampling of 5.   






When you’re in need of a break, click on the link and play Word Dynamo.

Or if you’re looking for a great summer read, give Bayou Born a try.


Branna Lind's self-esteem rests at the bottom of the Mississippi River. She canceled her "wedding of the decade," though she isn't saying why. She wants life on her own terms, no ready-made job in the family business: no safety net of close-knit kin, and no more betrayal.

College professor James Newbern prizes his bachelorhood. Experience has taught him beautiful women are high-maintenance trouble and Branna fits that type. He is happy to avoid her until the college vice president assigns him to mentor the newest hire--Branna.

Branna is on her way to a new life, but will the scars of the past send her running from love? Even if she stands her ground, can she convince James that she truly is his "type"?

Bayou Born is available at the following places:


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Linda Joyce is an award-winning writer born in Biloxi, Mississippi, who calls New Orleans home. Her Louisiana roots run deep, and they’re intertwined with her Japanese heritage. She grew up traipsing from one Air Force base to the next, including a four-year tour of Japan. She currently lives in Atlanta with her husband and three dogs: General Beauregard, Gentleman Jack, and Masterpiece Renoir. Linda always returns to New Orleans to recharge and reconnect.

Bayou Born, released in February, is the first book in her Fleur de Lis series. Bayou Bound, the second book in the series will soon have a release date.


Linda Joyce said...


Thank you for hosting me here today. I hope everyone will enjoy the link to the Word Game.


Linda Joyce

Claire Croxton said...

How fun, Linda! I can't wait to play. I was so proud of myself for knowing most of those words--well, at least I think I do. I'll go play and see if I really do.

Great post and great book!

Linda Joyce said...


I did well on the first two games, but the "tricky" one - well, it tricked me up. I did discover that when I said the word aloud, I got more words correct. Weird.


Linda Joyce

Jackie Rod said...

Thanks for the tips on these word games, Linda Joyce. When you posted the last list, I found a couple of new words. Now I know how to improve my vocabulary without working at it--just play word games.
My first child was born in Biloxi, MS. We lived on the beach between Biloxi and Gulfport.

Linda Joyce said...


I'm glad to hear you like the game. :-)

Biloxi is near and dear to my heart. So much so, the heroine in book two of the Fleur de Lis series is named Biloxi.


Linda Joyce

Anonymous said...


Thanks so much for introducing me to this fun game. I love words and strive to use unusual ones in my writing, so this game will be of great help.

Christi Corbett

Pamela Mason said...

I'll have to give this one a try. I'm a Scrabble and Words With Friends junkie. And I have this cool electronic game that's Scrabble FLASH! that's fun to play too. And the card game as well.
What bugs me is when partners play words that are clearly not from the English language, made up just for points. Not cool.
And no, don't ask me to play. Serious, serious time killer.
I get competitive.

Linda Joyce said...


I'll be searching your writing for some of the Dynamo words. :-)


Linda Joyce

Linda Joyce said...


I'll have to check out Words with Friends. I LOVE scrabble, but have never played online.


Linda Joyce

Vonnie said...

Linda, thanks for these word game ideas. I'm into word games bigtime. Went to purchase Bayou Born and it popped back at me that I'd already bought it. Ho hum. Searches frantically on her Kindle for PC. Why yes...there it is.