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Monday, August 19, 2013

Coffee, Chocolate and Jordan Bollinger: Guaranteed to chase away the Monday blahs!

Meet my guest today, sweet Jordan Bollinger. A friend told me she's shy but, bless her heart, she allowed me to interview her. Even so, I could sense her reluctance. But once I promised to be gentle and ply her with chocolate, Jordan was putty in my flour-covered hands. Grab a plate and have a slice of cake and a cup of java while Jordan and I chat.

Oh, and she has a GIVEAWAY, so make sure you leave a comment to be eligible! Her stories sound great, and you won't want to miss out.

What authors and genres do you like to read?

For years I was a diehard mystery reader. My favorite authors being Dorothy Sayers, Agatha Christie, and Anne Perry. However since I got my kindle, I've been dipping into all sorts of genres - even the occasional science fiction. And lately, I'm finding myself drawn more and more towards Historical Romances. I also have become a Pride and Prejudice groupie and can't get enough of the 'spin-offs', 'what-ifs' and 'what-happened nexts' of that Jane Austen classic. 

I know I can tell you this and you'll understand (leans in and whispers). I once woke up with the first paragraph of Pride and Prejudice running through my mind, over and over, on some kind of continual loop. Here, drink some more coffee to take that worried look off your face. I'm harmless, really. Now, tell me, what part of the writing process brings you the most pleasure? The most angst?
As crazy as it sounds, exactly the same thing - working out a satisfying plot line. You get an idea - a tiny germ of an idea. Then you need to flesh it out and see if it can stand on its own. The reality is 'probably not'. So then you have to tweak it and test that one out.

I have a very strange philosophy (which I also used when I taught Traditional Rug Hooking). I think about things. I know, astounding, right? No, I mean a really think about it. Remember the "Music Man"? Professor Harold Hill's maxim - 'If you want to play the "Minuet in G", you have to think the "Minuet in G". That's what I do. I think about the plot until it comes together. And so far, it's working.

Now for your FAST FIVE:

1.   Heels, sneakers or flip-flops?

None of them! I'm strictly a slippers girl - if I am forced to actually leave the house, I wear loafers..

2.   Chocolate, champagne or cheesecake?

All of them, of course! But, if I have to choose just one…I guess I'd have to say champagne. After all, chocolate is a vegetable - isn't it; and cheesecake is a dairy product - right? 

3.   Oh, darlin', I love how you think. Any tattoos?
Absolutely not!

4.   Long hair, short hair or weave?
Short hair.

5.   Straight stick or automatic?
Automatic. Although I can drive a 'four on the floor' - or at least, I did, in my youth.

Now, Jordan, tell us about your books--past, current and soon to be released.


Sisterly Love: The Saga of Lizzie and Emma Borden, released last June, is a novel giving my ideas of what happened in that very famous, and still unsolved murder case from 1892. And, although it is fiction, I worked very hard to stay within the known facts of the case.
I actually have two more books coming out soon. Book Three - in my romantic/suspense Duty with Honor series - Hunted Honeymoon, is scheduled for an October release. It picks up right where Book Two - Second Chances, left off. It's about Andrew and Beth's fairytale Monte Carlo honeymoon crumbling to dust because of constant attacks against them.


And then, Book Four in the series - Finessing the Wolf, will be out in December. It picks up where Book Three leaves off, and deals with how the newlyweds and their family comes together to deal with whoever is out to destroy them. 

In fact, I'd like to give away the first book in the series, Leap of Faith, to two loyal Vintage Vonnie readers. The winners can request their book in whatever eBook form they'd like. All I ask is that if you like them to please review them - in your blogs, on the Desert Breeze website, or Barnes & And, of course, tell your friends.

Blurb from Hunted Honeymoon:
MI-6 agent extraordinaire, Andrew Oliver, was sure he had planned the perfect fairytale honeymoon for his new bride, Elizabeth Emery Oliver. But, as soon as they arrive, they find themselves hounded by a pack of hired thugs. And, while they are both use to dodging bullets -- both literally and figurative -- it still isn't quite the romantic and luxurious honeymoon Andrew had in mind when he brought his bride to Monte Carlo. 

Excerpt from Duty with Honor - Book Three - Hunted Honeymoon
"The following excerpt may vary from the final published version."

They walked to the railing and looked, far below, at the sparkling sea and a small fishing boat, bobbing about. But, he also watched as the gray sedan slid passed.

As they stood there, arm in arm, he again attempted to blot away his apprehensions.

"I've never seen anything so beautiful," Beth whispered.

He heard the catch in her voice, spun her around, and stared into her eyes -- shiny with tears. "Hey," he asked. "What's this about?"

"I'm just so happy."

"I am too, Sweetheart," he told her. But, as he shut her car door, he wondered if he was ever going to understand women. He merely smiled and said, "Now, let's get going."

As he got into the sports car, Beth asked, "Is is very much further?"

"Not very," he answered, giving her a swift glance. But, when he turned back around, he saw the gray car pull out from a side road and fall in behind them. He was suddenly acutely aware of the gun in its shoulder holster beneath his jacket, and he let out a low sigh.

When he sped up, he saw the sedan pick up speed, as well. And when he slowed down, it did the same. He checked to make sure Beth's seat belt was fastened before he floored the gas. They peeled out, leaving the sedan -- no match for the Ferrari -- behind.

"We're being followed, aren't we?" Beth asked in a very calm, almost serene, voice.

Frowning at her, Drew asked, "You knew?"

"Uhm…they were behind us when we left the air field, and then I noticed them pass us at the overlook. But now they're behind us again."

"Don't you think you should have said something about it?"

"You didn't…"

"Point taken," he admitted, frowning. Then he asked, "Do you happen to have your gun?"

"Well…yes," she answered, "and no. I packed it, but I didn't think I needed to carry it today."

"I agree, you shouldn't have to. However, I think we'll take a lesson from this. From now on, we always carry our guns. Agreed?"

"Yes, Drew."

They both studied the car in the rearview mirror. Drew nodded in her direction and said, "No worries. There are pistols in the glove box."

"Andrew," Beth began, wearing a serious expression, "there aren't always going to be guns in glove boxes. You really can't keep relying…" She went quiet as she opened it and two semi automatic pistols and several extra clips of ammunition fell forward. She looked at him and asked, "But how?"

"The rental guy works for us."

She dropped the magazine, assured herself it was full, slapped it back in, and settled a round in the chamber. Then she clicked the safety and handed it to him, insisting, "You know Andrew, one day you are going to find the cupboard; or, in this case -- the glove box -- bare."

"You're probably right," he acknowledged. Then, shaking his head, he added, "No, I have mine. Tuck that one in your back waistband, and keep the other handy."

She removed her belt, so she could access her back waist under her jacket, positioned the first gun until she seemed satisfied, and then carried out her check with the second gun. Then she said, "It's ready. I'm ready. Any ideas on what we're going to do?"

"Uhm, there's another scenic overlook coming up. We're going to pull off," he answered. Then he turned to her, smiled, and added, "And then you're going over the railing."

She glowered at him over her sunglasses, and asked, "Excuse me?"



Paisley Kirkpatrick said...

Loved Jordan's Sisterly Love. I've always been intrigued by Lizzie Borden's story and found Jordan's accounting to be quite interest.

Good luck with a lot more sales, Jordan.

J. Morgan said...

Love the Duty with Honor series. Always love learning more about you.

Angela Adams said...

Enjoyed the interview. Best wishes with your book, Jordan!

Jordan Bollinger said...


I'm glad you enjoyed the interview. Vonnie is a terrific hostess.


Janice Hougland said...

Thanks for the post, Vonnie! And thanks for the introduction to Jordan and her stories. Next to cowboy stories, I crave romantic suspense (contemporary, historical or western). The intrigue really keeps me on my toes and my eyes on the pages as I'm reading. Absolutely love being that involved with what I'm reading. Thanks again.

Kathleen Janz-Anderson said...

Great interview. Jordan's books look very interesting. This is why I love being carried away from twitter into other worlds.e