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Sunday, February 23, 2014

Sneak Peek Sunday

Welcome to my stop on Sneak Peek Sunday. At each stop, we're serving up six paragraphs of a published book or a current work in progress.

So, I'm giving you a peek into book one of my Firemen's Wild Heat series, with a working title of To Catch a Flame. The series is contracted with HarperImpulse. If you've read my novella, Santa Wore Leathers, you've met the men of this fire and marine rescue station and you've heard mention of Quinn and Cassie. This is their story...and this is how I see Quinn...

     Quinn Gallagher was dead meat.
     Cassie Wolford marched to the side door of Fire and Marine Rescue Unit Thirty-two in Clearwater, Florida. She swiped the entry pass she’d purloined a year or so ago from her oldest brother and yanked the handle when the light in the security lock turned green. Propping her hip against the door, she maneuvered the large box containing the remainder of her birthday cake through the doorway. Quinn better have a damn good excuse for being a no show at my party last night.
     She’d asked him twice if he was coming and, both times, he’d used that wicked smile on her before claiming he wouldn’t miss her twenty-first birthday for the world. So unless he was inside hobbling on crutches with two broken legs or wore a body cast from nose to knee, he was about to get his jaw jacked. I don’t care if he does have a body built for sin and I want to be his number one sinner.
     With both of her brothers serving as firemen in this top-notch unit, Cassie knew her way around the building. She entered the firemen’s living quarters, slapped the cake on the large dining room table and pivoted toward conversation floating in from the TV area amid the battle sounds of a warrior game on Wii.
     Masculine laughter, deep and sensual, slithered straight to her core before spreading out to spark all her nerve endings. Quinn Gallagher did that to her, no matter if it was his laughter, his voice, or his eyes that fluctuated between blue and grey. Why is it always Quinn? Why not a guy who is as crazy for me as I am for him? But no, I have to fall hard for Mr. I-Could-Give-a-Shit.
     One quick glance in his direction, and she sucked air. Quinn, in his typically jovial manner, was recanting a story to her older brother, Jace, and a new fireman she’d yet to meet. All Quinn wore was a white towel slung low around his narrow hips. Water drops lazily forged a trail down his tanned and toned body. Moisture dripped from his freshly shampooed dark hair, trailed over his perpetual five-o’clock shadow and plopped onto his collarbone, hardened pecs and washboard stomach, skiing the hills and valleys over every ridge of his abs. Oh, to be a droplet of water.

***Enjoy your day as you make your rounds to the various stops on Sneak Peak Sunday! And have an awesome week!!

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Dawn Marie Hamilton said...

Very sexy description of Quinn, Vonnie! Love it!