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Saturday, May 24, 2014

Broken Promise by Paisley Kirkpatrck

My online buddy, Paisley Kirkpatrick, is living both a dream AND a nightmare. On the day she and her husband closed on their property in Wisconsin, the 4th book of her fantastic Paradise Pines series released--May 23rd.  On the 27, the moving van arrives to load their belongings. After which, she and her husband, in cars loaded to the gills with clothes and last minute packed items, like plants, begin the long drive from California to their new place in Wisconsin. The senior citizens expect the trip to take them 4 days with frequent stops to rest tired eyes.

So, how is she going to promote this new release?

Well, this is what romance writers do best--other than write heart-warming stories. We help one another. I'm going to ask that you either copy and paste this post to your blog OR tweet and Facebook the heck out of it.

And to Desert Breeze Publishing and Amazon, where I copied and pasted the following items, my apologies. I'm only trying to help you sell more of Paisley's books, because as a human being, she's top notch.

I did have to laugh though. She mentioned in her email that she couldn't wait until she got her office set up and Internet access installed so her life could get back to normal. NORMAL??? We're writers. We don't do normal!

Paradise Pines Series
Broken Promise
Paisley Kirkpatrick

Paradise Pines Series

Night Angel
Marriage Bargain
Forever After
Broken Promises

Desert Breeze Publishing, Inc.
27305 W. Live Oak Rd #424
Castaic, CA 91384

Chapter One
Sierra Mountain Range, California
Fall 1853
Rebecca Ryder's knees buckled. She staggered to hold herself upright as she stared at the cabin meant to be her future. You didn't build futures with sagging porches and roofs so patched they looked more like a quilt than something meant to keep rain off your head. Her breath remained trapped in her throat. Rebecca couldn't see the shining ray of hope her grandpa promised her in his letters. All she saw was her desperation reaching a new low. She might never recover from this one.
Her gaze swept the unkempt lot strewn with weeds and rocks. Giant oaks, cedars, and firs bordered the yard. Even their majestic stance couldn't lessen the unsightliness of the unpainted wood barn standing in disrepair.
Rebecca tethered her mare to a broken railing and stepped onto the narrow porch. Several pesky chicks scattered in her wake. As she proceeded across the warped boards, a few creaked and dipped under her boots. She knocked, but no one answered. Her hand paused on the door handle and dread filled her mind of what might be inside. She pressed her shoulder against the rough wooden plank and shoved it open enough to squeeze into the interior.
Oh, no, Grandpa. It was obvious he had been too busy working the mine to worry about such things as creature comforts. The stench of decay in a garbage pail curdled her stomach, but not as much as the thought of her dear grandfather dying alone in this squalor a few days before she arrived from Pennsylvania.
She stared at rows of newspapers standing side by side from the floor to eye level. What was he thinking? The papers nearly filled the room. She stepped further inside the cabin. Lace-like cobwebs hanging from the rafters caught in her hair and brushed against her face. She swiped them away and continued walking along the narrow pathway through the wall of newspapers.
A rusty woodstove with three broken bricks acting as a corner leg, stood in an area she would hardly consider a kitchen. Chipped crockery sat on the bottom shelf of a small, open cupboard.
She brushed her fingers over crumpled bedding covering a platform near the stove. The inside of this rickety shack was even worse than she expected.
Rebecca surveyed the rest of the open space. Her heart lurched at seeing the treasured rocker. It was the only piece of furniture Grandpa took with him when her father ran him off their Texas farm five years ago. The hope she had harbored that she'd turned the wrong way in this remote wilderness faded away. She moved around the edge of the makeshift bed and dropped onto the chair. The mess she found inside the shack made no sense. The grandfather she'd known all of her life was always neat and orderly. There must be a good reason why he lived like this. She moved her hands back and forth along the smooth armrests, wishing her grandpa were still here to explain it all.


After her grandfather's death, Rebecca Ryder finds herself the sole owner of his gold mine. 

The inheritance would be a great asset, but her grandfather didn't tell her how to find its entrance. Now, if she cannot find it, a looming property tax bill could take her legacy away from her. The gold mine is her only shot at the independence she's desperately dreamed of her entire life. 

Her problem is the infuriating Scots who live on the surrounding property. They are intent on ripping that future and her inheritance away from her. 



J. Morgan said...

This book is totally amazing. I honestly couldn't put it down. Great read from a talented author who gets better with each book. A must read!

Paisley Kirkpatrick said...

Thank you Vonnie and J. Morgan. You are the best and I SO appreciate your support and friendships. You make me realize one more time how blessed my life is with my friends and loved ones.

Joanne Stewart said...

Congrats on your release, Paisley! Good luck with the move! Lord, I hate moving. Prayers and positive thoughts it all goes without a hitch!

LaVerne Clark said...

Hugs to Vonnie and congratulations on both your new release and your big move, Paisley!! I'm writing myself a note right now to reblog, tweet and generally help out where I can to promo this wonderful new book when I get back. I'm off to a local writer's meeting - but before I do, I'm just gonna make a stop at Amazon.... :)

Janice Hougland said...

Thanks so much, Vonnie for introducing me to Paisley and her books! I bought two of them just now on Amazon. :-) I thought it interesting that her real name is so different from her pen name! I also FB'd your post (see: I appreciate your posts despite the fact that many times I fail to comment. Janice

Mona Risk said...

Paisley, congratulations for your new book and welcome to your new house. Great excerpt.