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Sunday, June 8, 2014

Tuck and Willow for 99 cents for the Next Three Days

Folks, Sue Fineman is at it again. I just love her books and you know I love a great deal, so she's put BOTH into a fabulous package for her readers. For the next 3 days, her newest book, Tuck and Willow, will be 99 cents before it goes back up to 2.99 on Amazon.

This is a reunion story. Tuck and Willow are both 48, high school sweethearts who reconnect at their 30-year reunion. She's overweight, he's starting to go bald, but the sparks are still there. She's the mother of two grown boys and he's a plastic surgeon. They have a lot to overcome - he has a stalker - her son is in trouble - and the lies of the past threaten to keep them apart forever.

Tuck and Willow 


Angela Adams said...

Thanks for the post, Vonnie!

Janice Hougland said...

Thanks for the tip, Vonnie! Got it! There aren't that many second chances for baby boomers stories out there, or they're not advertised. Anyway, I'm sure I will really enjoy this. Thanks again.

Liz Flaherty said...

I love that cover! Going to get it now. Thanks for writing a Boomer story--they're too few and far between.