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Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Character Interview with Jackson Kade, hero from Whatever It Takes

Folks, I have guests and it's been so long since I've had visitors, especially one who is so darn good looking. Author JM Stewart has brought along the hero from her book.
Thanks for having us today, Vonnie!
Oh my, aren't you the cutest thing. I mean, you're cute too Joanne, but he is drop dead gorgeous with a capital "G." Tell us a bit about yourself—name, age, job, role in the story… 

Hey y’all. My name is Jackson Kade. I’m thirty-two, and I’m the CEO of an advertising agency. My role in this story? *winks* The hero, of course.  

How did you meet Becca?

Lord. I met that little firecracker in downtown Seattle. I passed her on the street, heading to my car after work one evening. She got herself in a right pickle. Someone was attempting to mug her, and I thought I’d rescue her. Can you imagine? Turned out, she didn’t need my help. Pretty sure I fell in love with her that night.  

What do you like the most about Becca?

Big heart. Big blue eyes. And Lord is she strong. Isn’t afraid to put me in my place. 

What’s the sexiest thing Becca’s done?

*winks* A gentleman does not kiss and tell.

 Is there anything she does that annoys you?

Yes. She insists on calling me on all my faults. 

What would you say Becca likes most about you?
You mean besides my charm and my good looks? All right, all right. You want serious. Fine. My sense of humor.
What do you like most about her?

Her laugh. On a rotten day, that sound can right my world again, and I live to make her laugh just to hear it.  

What is the most embarrassing thing your author has done to you?

*sits back, folds his arms and frowns* Well, the cast certainly wasn’t the most flatterin’.

 Is there anything you’d change in the story?

*rubs the back of his neck, looks uncomfortable.* Well, the divorce certainly wasn’t fun, but I suppose that’s my own damn fault.

 Now let’s have a little bit of fun. Let’s do some favorites: 

Favorite car?

Has been totaled, damn it. My Mercedes. I loved that car. Sleek, black and gorgeous.  

Favorite scent?

Becca, fresh out of a shower, hands down. 

Favorite movie?

Have to admit I’m rather fond of those Disney movies Allie likes to watch. ’Cause I get to watch ’em with my girl. *winks*

Favorite dish?

A good pulled pork sandwich. One of the few good memories I have of my childhood. My mother didn’t cook. She was “above” doing what she considered menial chores. Hired help to do it and insisted on fancy-schmancy dishes. *rolls his eyes* Our cook, Ida Mae, would make barbequed pulled pork sandwiches for me and have them waiting when I came home from school. I miss Ida Mae. She died a few years back.

Anything else you’d like to share before we go?

*grins* Don’t mess with Becca. She packs of a helluva punch. I should know. I’m still sore from roughhousing with her. 

*Laughing* That she does, Jackson. Thanks for coming along to meet Vonnie today.

 Blurb for Whatever It Takes:

She’s been dying to hear the words…

Walking away from her husband was the hardest thing Becca Morgan has ever done, even if it was the only way to save her heart from being broken by a loveless marriage. Still, when a terrible accident forces her to stay at her ex’s house, emotions she thought she’d buried for Jackson Kade long ago start coming to the surface—and, to her surprise, seem to be reciprocated…

…he just doesn’t know how to say.
Jackson Kade has never known love like he knew with Becca, but his cold upbringing left him unable to show her how deeply he feels. When Becca winds up under his roof once more, he knows it’s his only opportunity to prove his devotion—and passion. But old habits die hard, and even one mistake could shatter their last chance at love…


“What are you afraid of, Jack?” She stiffened her spine and stood straighter. “That you might actually feel something?” 
As quickly as he’d shut her out, he pivoted and stalked across the deck toward her. She took a step back, but in a few long strides, he reached her, seized her waist, and dragged her against him. As her body hit his, a gasp escaped, but she could only stare at him, stunned. A war raged in the depths of his eyes. More emotion than she remembered seeing there in a long time. Desire, anger, pain, frustration, all fighting for supremacy. 
She braced her hands on his chest, to push him away, but his head dipped down, his lips brushing over hers, the barest of kisses. 
“Or else I may do something I’m pretty sure you’ll hate me for in the mornin’.” The low huskiness of his voice washed over her like a heated caress, sending shivers down her spine, and obliterating whatever defenses she’d manage to build against him. “The feel of your hands on me about drove me mad. Do you have any idea how aroused I am right now? I’m two seconds from picking you up and carrying you upstairs.”
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Joanne Stewart said...

Thanks for having us, Vonnie!

Grannymama said...

Fabulous interview. Makes me love Kade even more. Keep up the great writing, JM - you are fantastic.

Joanne Stewart said...

Awww. Thanks. :)

Vonnie Davis ~ Romance Author said...

Jo, tell Jackson he'll have to come back. He left his wristwatch here. I don't know how it happened. Maybe when I took his hand to kiss him goodbye, it just kinda slipped off. could happen...especially when I had him bent over my arm the way I did. Great having you too!!!

Joanne Stewart said...

LOL Vonnie! Jackson's been wondering where on earth he left his watch. ;)

Anonymous said...

Love the interview! I think Vonnie is trying to stir things up with the watch. Don't tell Becca. :-)

Angela Adams said...

Great interview! Where do I find this gorgeous man????

Joanne Stewart said...

Michelle--LOL! I agree. Becca doesn't like to share. ;) Thanks for stopping by!

Joanne Stewart said...

Angela--He's mine. All mine! ;) Just kidding. Becca doesn't share. Links should be above. :) Thanks so much for stopping by!