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Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Ashley York, A Hardcore Romantic

I've got a special guest to share with you today--Amazon Best Selling Author, Ashley York, who pens books and novellas of Medieval Romance and Intrigue.

Aside from two years spent in the wilds of the Colorado mountains, Ashley York is a proud life-long New Englander and a hardcore romantic. She has an MA in History which brings with it, through many years of research, a love for primary documents and the smell of musty old libraries. With her author's imagination, she likes to write about people who could have lived alongside those well-known giants from the past.

Sounds exciting, doesn't it? She has a new novella releasing today and, lucky us, we get to hear about it hot off the ebook presses. Here's her blurb:

Outcast and alone, Thomasina MacDonell is hell bent on finding her brother, the only person who can thwart their father's latest scheme to offer her as payment for his gambling debts. Disguised as a lad, she defiantly sets off on foot to locate him—never expecting to find a handsome, Irish warrior riding her beloved horse. The warrior's offer of help and unsolicited advice on how to be manlier sparks an intimate desire to reveal her more feminine side.
Rejected by the love of his life, Sean O'Cisoghe wants simply to return home and heal his broken heart. When a young "lad" steals the horse out from under him, he discerns the spirited woman may be in way over her head against her ruthless father. Finding her brother while keeping her would-be betrothed at bay, Sean must confront the fact that Thomasina has stolen his heart. Will Norman soldiers out for his blood and shifting clan alliances cut short their growing passion?
Sean had expected her to struggle which was why he had her arm tucked between his body and hers, and her other arm held tight to her side. What he had not expected was to be so affected by her. Alarm bells were sending waves of regret—and overwhelming desire—coursing through him. Not one of his finest moments. If she ever settled down, she’d certainly find his arousal as upsetting as her anticipated punishment. He had no plans to actually slap her bottom, he just wanted honest answers. He found a threat worked best.

“So before I land my hand on yer arse since ye’re so deserving—oof.” Her elbow poked into his stomach, knocking the air out of him. He pulled her closer in to him and raised his knees to keep her lodged there. “—how about ye try telling me the truth for once and then I can be on my way.”

“Ye whoreson! Who do ye think ye are? Let me go!” She continued her struggles.

Her tempting bottom wiggling from side to side was hard to ignore. He needed to disarm her and quickly. “What? Nae clearing of yer throat to sound like a lad?”

“Let me go.” She pulled her knees in and managed to plow into his groin. The pain excruciating. He reacted with a hard slap to her bottom. She stilled. He held his breath until the sharp pain lessened then yanked her legs out straight.

He adjusted her away from him to ease the pressure on his groin. She didn’t need to know specifically what she had managed to do. “Try that again and I’ll make ye sorry.”

“I’ll make ye sorry!” she hollered back at him.

He didn’t hide the smile. She remained motionless across his lap. Her delightful bottom at his disposal but he refrained from touching her.

“I’m not an idiot. I ken when ye’re lying to me and here I’ve done nothing but try to assist ye.”

“Assist me? Was that when ye insulted me? Told me I was girly?”

“Ye are a girl!”

“And is that what ye wanted me to tell ye?” She rolled back so she could look him in the face. “Is that why ye teased me mercilessly?”

“Nae! I wanted ye to remember to act like a boy, damn it! Ye kept slipping up! How could I take ye to the village with everyone seeing ye for what ye are? They’d have been all over ye like ticks on a dog.”

“Ye bastard!” She started kicking her legs with wild abandon. “Let me go. Let me go.”

With one arm wrapped around her narrow waist, he stood, holding her like a sack of corn. Placing her away from him, he held each arm in a firm grip against her side. She hunched forward, breathing heavy from the exertion. And all he could think about was covering her mouth with his, of tasting her lips, her skin, of running his fingers through her tangled mane. He was near exploding with desire for her.

“Stop this! I deserve to ken the truth.” Sean’s voice sounded strained and he prayed she wouldn’t realize why. “Thomasina!”

It was a beautiful name. It fit her perfectly.

Closing her mouth, Tommy looked to be getting herself under control. Her eyes on him, she shook as if overcome by his audacity. Mayhap he should have taken to paddling her as she so deserved but he feared he’d feel worse than she would. Beating a woman was not in his nature. That one spank had been an unexpected reaction to pain. Slapping her bottom was the farthest thing from what he wanted to do with it.

“Truth!” he groaned aloud. “Put me out of my misery.”

She looked surprised at his outburst then took a shaky breath. “Yea! Ye deserve the truth.”

“And do ye ken the truth?” Sean leveled his gaze. “I dunna need any more pretenses here. Not now.”

Not when his body yearned to be betwixt her legs as he pounded into her, receiving his need, answering with her own passion. She had no idea. She would have no idea. He kept his gaze fixed on her face despite the heaving breasts and the sweat trickling down her neck into places he’d like to follow with his tongue. 

Connect with her online at:
Twitter: @ashleyyork1066


Ashley York said...

Thanks for having me on your blog today, Vonnie! I'm excited to be able to offer an ecopy of The Irish Warrior since it's out today (YAY!) to one of your visitors.

Lane McFarland said...

Wonderful interview, Ashley. The Irish Warrior sounds great! I love the beautiful cover and excerpt. Thank you for sharing. Best of luck with it.

Barbara Bettis said...

Great interview, Ashley. Loved the excerpt!! Looking forward to reading it. Best of luck :)

Barbara Monajem said...

Great excerpt. This is an era I find fascinating. Wishing you many sales, Ashley. :)

Ashley York said...

Thanks! I love this era, too. So much politically and socially is undecided. This is even before the Black Plague and William Wallace! But it is a great time for imaginative plots and intrigues.

Red L. Jameson said...

OOOOOO, I loved the excerpt!!! I mean, I loved the cover, but the excerpt is...well, I better go to Amazon now!!!

Angela Adams said...

Lovely and very romantic book cover, Ashley.