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Monday, April 25, 2016

Monday Musings and Mumblings

I haven't blogged for a couple of weeks now. There was a book to finish and a publisher to keep happy by turning it in in a timely manner, which for me was eight days late. I'm telling you, my editor is so, so good to me. I had more shots in my retina, a major reason for being late submitting my manuscript and for not blogging. In addition, to my utter surprise, Microsoft gave me Windows 10 one night while I was sleeping. Imagine the screaming and swearing and storming at the Davis household when I turned on my laptop to find that mess!

AND I became a great-grandmother for the first time. Now, how that can happen when I'm barely thirty-nine is beyond me. Meet Benjamin, weighing in at 5lb. 11oz. Though he be small, he be brave and darling and kissable and strong beyond measure. He already holds Daddy's heart in his little hand.

I'll meet him in June when we travel to Ohio for our granddaughter's wedding. Eleni graduates from college a few weeks earlier and then marries a young man she's been dating for three years. Life keeps moving, doesn't it? Sometimes I'd like for it to stand still for a while...just so I could catch up.

Meanwhile, flowers need planted, the house needs cleaned, winter clothes need put away and spring and summer ones brought out. And I must keep writing. Book one of Black Eagle Ops--HER SURVIVOR--releases in July. I've just turned in the manuscript for book two of the series--HERS TO HEAL for a November release. And I've written chapter one of book three--HER FOREVER HERO--for the publisher to include in the back of book two. It was a great chapter to write.

A former SEAL attends a small cattlemen's convention at the same hotel as RWA's annual shindig. He's clueless, of course. I mean, what would a rancher, former SEAL commander, and leader of a black ops team know about those magic initials romance writers recognize in an instant? He thinks they stand for Regional Women Accountants or, after his wild experience in an elevator with several romance writers, Rowdy Women Accountants.

Until next time, here's a meme the fabulous Kelly Moran made me...


Angela Adams said...

You have been very busy indeed! Congratulations on the new--and adorable--addition to your family.

Vonnie Davis said...

Thank you, Angela. I'm retired and busier than when I worked. I love what I do more, that's for sure. But we both know writing can be mentally draining.