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Monday, May 16, 2016

Monday Mumblings and Musings

When you're wondering if your writing is up to par, there's nothing like entering a contest to see how you rank. I submitted book two of my "Highlander's Beloved" series--A HIGHLANDER'S PASSION in the paranormal category of the HOLT Medallion Contest. Word of the finalists went out today. And my bear-shifter romance was among them. I was thrilled. Validated. Dancing the happy writer's dance.

Folks, I was feeling my oats, as the old expression goes.

Then I noticed a new review for the book. A two-star did-not-finish review. And there was a wind storm in Lynchburg as the air whooshed out of my ego balloon. I think it was a wake-up call. You're still not writing good enough to please readers. You need to work harder. So, it's back to the drawing board for me.

But we won't dwell on that. I was able to rank in the top few. For that, I'm grateful.

The winner will be notified on June 11th, the day my granddaughter gets married, so I won't be able to attend the luncheon. Just as well. I don't expect to win. I'm just thrilled I finaled.

The really neat thing? Two of my Vixens--my Street Team--finaled, too. And in the SAME category! What are the chances of that? I'm always bragging that I have the most talented Street Team--and I do. I'm surrounded by supportive people. Especially Calvin.

My problem? I'm in a blue mood. I want to try new things but that old rascal self-doubt moved in a couple weeks ago with a three-piece set of luggage. And it doesn't look as if the bugger is moving out anytime soon. I'm beginning to wonder if once this contract is over and my old books are self-published if it won't be time for me to turn off my laptop and call it a day.

I'll be 68 in a week and a half. I'm tired. Writing trends are changing. Reviewers are getting more cruel. My writing career isn't moving forward at the pace I'd hoped. Maybe it's time to make my goals more realistic....and maybe in a few days I'll feel completely different. Who knows? But for right now, my emotions are swinging. I need a vacation, wine, and a girl's time out--and not necessarily in that order.

Write on, my lovelies.


Angela Adams said...

Congratulations on being a finalist!

Vonnie Davis ~ Romance Author said...

Thanks bunches, Angela.

Liz Flaherty said...

Congratulations, Vonnie. I'll be 66 in August and am feeling much the same way as you. The trends depress and worry me. I'm going to a conference this week--Spring Fling--and hope that helps me to settle in. I wish that for you, too.

Vonnie Davis said...

I hope so, too, Liz. Writing for the younger readers involves a big change in our writing. I've been told by my editor to "dummy down" my stories which doesn't speak well of the level of intelligence of our readership. And I refuse to believe that. I just do. Yes, the trend is toward less plot and more interaction between the two main characters...and more sex. We don't need to know what's happening in their lives only what color underwear they're wearing. I tend to miss the older romances, the ones I read over and over every year.