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Monday, November 21, 2016

When Will the Election Finally Be Over?--Monday Musings and Mumblings

I thought the day Calvin and I went to the voting polls would be the end of all the political sniping. Color me naïve. Yup, I thought as we sat up, watching the results roll in, this unholy mess would finally be over. The winner wasn't a certainty when we went to bed and, once during the night, the light from Calvin's iPad woke me. He gave me the latest update. I groaned and rolled over.

The winner was announced and the loser called to congratulate. Niceties were exchanged. Painful, I'm sure for the one who lost.

But STILL the campaign ugliness continues. Some of the posts on Twitter from both sides are caustic. Facebook posts are just as bad. It's as if everyone is looking for a fight. My own son included and if I could get my hands on him, mid-forties or not, I'd fan his ass. Whether your side won or lost, accept it with grace...and move on.

Stop with the negativity and the "yeah, well what do you think of this?" We're better than that. We're Americans and we're better than that.

I realize my words will fall on deaf ears. See, I don't care who you voted for. As an American, your vote was your right. My thanks to you for exercising it.

Now, let it go. We're better than the protests and the mean tweets and the argumentative posts.

Our country has some real issues. Let's come together and support our Congressmen and women so they can do their best. Call. Email. Make your voice heard to them. Not to the rest of us who can't do anything about it and simply just want a break from it all.

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