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Monday, January 23, 2017

I Feel All Blogged Out

Six years ago when my first book released, I had a blog tour. I did the same for many subsequent books. Answered all the lovely comments and questions. The last few book tours, set up by my publisher, had zero comments. Except for my typical thank you to the person hosting me that day, no one said a word.

Even the crickets were silent.

Did that mean no one was reading the blogs? Looking at all my pretty promo?

Has everyone turned their backs on blogging or reading blogs?

Frankly, I'm running out of ideas. I blog less and less here at Vintage Vonnie. My time is more consumed with writing. I mainly keep my blog open in case a writer friend needs a place to promote. All the while, I hear more authors are closing down theirs. I just can't bring myself to close Vintage Vonnie.

There are times I think I could blog simply on the Davis household and entertain you for a few

Like today. Calvin lost his glasses. He woke up and they weren't on his nightstand. They weren't behind or beneath the bed or among the covers or in the drawers of his nightstand. To stop him from tearing the place apart...I mean, can a man look for anything without items flying through the air? Tell me! I went on the hunt, too, just to save my sanity and the condition of the place.

I found them in the shower.

They were propped between his and my bottles of shampoo. Go figure.

Have a great week folks. Stay dry and healthy.


Angela Adams said...

How did Cal's glasses end up in the shower?

Vonnie Davis ~ Romance Author said...

He takes his shower before going to bed. I take mine in the morning. Absent-minded professor that he is, he stepped into the shower with them on, took them off, and stuck them there. I'd have gotten back out and placed them on the vanity, but...

Once he got out of the shower and went through his routine of drying off and rubbing on lotion, etc., he never thought of them again. One day I'll blog about the remote control fiasco.

Jannine Gallant said...

I agree about those paid blog tours, Vonnie. Same post goes up day after day. No one comments because no one reads those blogs. They're yawners with nothing but buy-my-book promo. The host site doesn't even promote. I think it's simply a way for a publisher to tell their author, "We're doing something for you." Even if that something doesn't work to sell books. I do think some blogs with original content get read regularly. Our Roses of Prose blog may only get comments from the authors in the group, but we average 300 hits a day. SOMEONE is reading it and not commenting. I know my mom enjoys it (and the comments we leave) even though she never comments herself and doesn't have a google account to do so. There must be other readers like her out there. So while tours may be a waste of time, I think blogs like yours and our group one serve to showcase our personalities, even if they don't sell books...

Vonnie Davis ~ Romance Author said...

I'm thinking you might be right. The blog tours my publisher set up were a bust. I don't think a soul read them, but it did give the publisher bragging rights. Look what we've done for you. Personal blogs or ones like the Roses are more apt to draw a regular audience. Thanks for your input, Jannine.