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   Who doesn't love a good love story? That first magical touch, the power when eyes connect and the feelings of a sensual first kiss. The hope of being "the world" for a certain person. The joy of reaching happily-ever-after. I write romance -- contemporary, paranormal, as well as romantic suspense. From time-to-time, an historical gets thrown into the mix.

    Romance has always been my genre of choice, although I've been known to get immersed in political intrigue or spy thrillers. If a book can make me laugh and cry, it is a memorable one. The absolute best books create a feeling of loss when I finish them, as if I've lost a dear friend. 

Paris is my favorite place in the whole world, and I have many sweet memories of the Jewel Beside the Seine. In fact, I've set several of my romances there. We last visited in September, 2013 for a couple weeks, renting an apartment on the Left Bank. 

The Seine on a rainy day.

Our living room in our apartment on rue Bertholette.

Notre Dame and the Seine are to our back and the famous bookstore Shakespeare and Company are to our right.

Having a café au latte at a café near where Calvin lived in 1968. 

    I'm retired, as is my husband. We both share the passion of writing. Now that I'm constantly writing, bedtime is the only time I get to read anymore. I love reading new authors--such energy and crisp writing. Wow!

    Some would say my days are relaxed now that I don't need to rush off to work any more. In their opinions, all I do all day is write. If the truth were known, you would realize I'm writing like a madwoman these days, trying to make up for lost time. Although I started writing short stories in grade school and dreamed of writing all my life, I never felt I was talented enough. Self-doubt is a terrible thing, isn't it? Thank goodness Calvin encouraged me to follow my dream.

    As a result, my first book came out a month after turning 63. Yes, folks, I am a tad slow at reaching for my dreams. After all, I never started college until I was 44 and didn't meet the beat of my heart until I was 55. I'd been alone for 12 years by  then; talk about being gun-shy! But Calvin, with his wry humor, gentle nature, high intellect and southern charm, sashayed into my life on a jazzbeat and a smile. I was a goner. And after 12 years of marriage, I still am.

    My 3 children are grown and my 6 grandchildren are the sunbeams of my life. I'd tell you more about them, but after 4 or 5 hours, your eyes would just glaze over. 

    I'd love hearing from you. Email me at vonniedavisauthor at and put your name and mine in the subject line, so I know it's not spam. If you'd like to receive my monthly newsletter full of news and giveaways, please go to my website, and sign up. Love and believe in yourself. Blessings...