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Rachel is a funny, vibrant character with a very caring heart who puts others' needs ahead of herself, even when in peril. Storm is a sexy man who loves his family, which just makes him all the sexier. The relationship between all of the characters in this book is so real, I loved it. It was like peeking into a close family and seeing how it all ticks. Even the father, who has passed away, is a real character. Noella, the housekeeper slash cook slash stand-in mother, is absolutely hilarious and a delightful secondary character. The relationship between Storm and Sunny as brother and sister is heartwarming. Storm is the older brother that every girl would want.

The scene where Storm realizes that Rachel is his sister's nurse is laugh out loud funny, and the scene is so vivid that it was like watching a movie. This was probably my favorite scene in the whole book because it is so real.

This book has easily found its place on my keeper shelf and has become one of my personal favorites. If I could pull these characters from the pages and make them real I would. This is a family that I would want to be friends with and hang out with on a Friday night at a barbecue. I will revisit them again in the future and I very much look forward to it. I would recommend it to any one of my personal friends and I highly recommend anyone reading this to check it out.


Wow, I absolutely loved Storm's Interlude! If I ever thought to write a romance book, I'd only hope that this would be my style of writing. Storm's Interlude has sweet romance, heartfelt feelings, a whole lot of sexual tension, and its own share of on-edge suspense.

The interaction between hero and heroine is so well written it gave me the warm-and-fuzzies. Storm and Rachel fight their feelings with an intensity that, in the end, makes their surrender complete, with explosive results. The remaining characters in the book mesh with Storm and Rachel so perfectly, we couldn't do without them.

I'm quite impressed with debut author, Vonnie Davis. Storm's Interlude is an excellent love story that I highly recommend to all romance readers. It's definitely a KEEPER! I'm going to have a tough time waiting for more from this author!

Delightful story, the interaction between Win and Evie is hilarious. One minute he is saying or doing something sweet, the next he needs to get her out of the kitchen fast before he gets maimed. If your in the mood to read a fun sparked filled story, Those Violet Eyes is the perfect choice.

The romance was so addictively yummy! I loved the verbal banter, the fiery stares, the tongue slashings and the oh so hot can't-keep-my-hands-off moments! That's the mix that makes me so happy, I love it when a girl puts the brakes on, or at least gives the firm no a good go but can't help but give in. Just my kind of story line! But there is more than that to Those Violet Eyes, I loved how Win kept telling himself to take distance, keep away but he still flirts like he can't help it and protects her and helps her, mixed messages dude. ;)

If you wanna read a funny, makes you all giddy kind of romance with one hot cowboy with issues and one fierce heroine with a molten gooey core then this contemporary cowboy romance is for you!



Cam McBride is a widower with a young son who happens to find an intriguing note tied to a tumbleweed. That discovery piques his imagination and unsettles his soul. Against all odds, another note tumbles to him a bit later, further bewildering and enticing speculation about the un-named, lonely author. Sophie Flannigan longs for a stable life. She’s a drudge in a whorehouse and actually feels fortunate to have a roof over her head, even though her chores seem never ending. Of course, the townsfolk think she’s also a soiled dove, but that simply is not the case. Sophie is not a loose woman, but she is on the run from her past and is being hunted. Sophie has no outlet for her loneliness and fear, so she writes her most personal feelings and sets them free in the wind via the ever-present tumbleweeds.

I wholeheartedly enjoyed this short western romance that is sort of like a fairy-tale. Two lonely people make a connection in a delightfully unprecedented manner, but neither may have recognized the other if it weren’t for the sharp eyes and intervention of Cam’s young, precocious son. I loved the western flair and flavor present in this story even though it really is quite an unconventional tale, especially for a historical western romance. There is plenty of humor, as well, and the characters came to life for me as I read. If you enjoy books that tug your heartstrings and leave you smiling and content, then this book is one you should read. ~ NIGHT OWL REVIEWS