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Friday, June 4, 2010

Back in the world again!

A week after the lightning stike to our neighborhood, Comcast's technician showed up to trouble shoot our lack of Internet service. He'd come from a house on the street behind us. Seems we weren't the only house in New Towne that was without service. Maliq, I think he said his name was (I'm terrible with names), was very personable and polite. And, bless his heart, he worked for two hours to find the problem and get us back online. He assured us he wouldn't leave until the issue was resolved. I'd give him a "Triple-A" rating for a job well done. We have a new modem and connectors and--I smile as I write this--internet access. Yippee!!!

While the technician was here, our next door neighbors came over. They'd seen the Comcast van. Were we, by chance, having trouble with our internet? They'd just gotten home from vacation only to find they couldn't get online. They, too, had called Comcast and had been given the same bad advice that we were given: you're getting a strong signal from us, you need to replace your router. I gave them our tale of woe, suggesting that they hold off on buying a new router. Now all they need is the  patience to wait until a serviceman can come out. Hope they get Maliq; he was great.

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veda said...

Vonnie keep writing and I will keep reading. I enjoy your joy,sometimes you just need a good chuckle and you give them to me.Memories are all we can hold onto and they must be recorded so that our children can have some since of us when we kick the bucket (smile) love you Veda