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Sunday, June 6, 2010

My opinion on oil spills...

     You know what they say about opinions: they're like elbows, every body's got one--or two (OK, so that's not exactly how the saying goes, but it's my blog and I can clean the saying up a mite if I like).
     Calvin is a news hound, so we've heard all the news channels ranting a tale of doom about BP's oil spill, with all of their talking heads pontificating until our eyes glaze over. Does it seem to you as if all the newscasters on CNN and FOX are on speed? Steroids for the jaws? Do you think their chairs are wired, so that if their volume drops below 20 decibels, they get a jot of electricity in their tight, little arses? Or, sponsors forbid, the speed of their jaws drops below 85 mph, they get a triple dose of electricity up their bums? No wonder they all look so wide-eyed!!! Ah, but I digress.
     The facts are that BP, with the highest number of safety infractions of ALL oil companies (something in excess of 500 compared to the 8, or less, of other companies), made a decision to pass-over some safety issues to make mega-bucks. They chose to ignore standards and laws that the rest of the world must adhere to. So, now they should pay.
     I mean, if I choose to ignore common safety procedures by removing a baked casserole from the oven without potholders, I'm going to get burnt. I will pay with pain. If I choose to ignore a red light because I'm in a hurry and I hit another vehicle and perhaps injure or kill another human being, you can believe that I'll be made to pay. Should BP be held to a lower standard?
     Dear friends of ours have a lovely condo along the Gulf shoreline in Indian Rocks Beach, Florida. Calvin and I have enjoyed the beaches with its sugar white sand. It pains me to think of it covered with black oil beads and sludge. I love wildlife; seeing birds covered with oil makes me so mad I could pluck out the beards of BP executives, one whisker at a time!
     People have lost lives. Now some are becoming ill. Our shorelines are heavily damaged. Wildlife are suffering. Fishermen have lost their livelihoods. We will pay higher prices for seafood at the grocery stores and restaurants. On and on the effects of BP's greed and disregard for proper procedures extends...and will continue to extend for years. Shame on them. Talk about priority problems!! Shame on them for loving the money in their bank accounts and the value of their stock more than anything or anyone else--more than the health of Mother Earth, in fact. Shame on us if we allow them to get away with it.

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