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Thursday, September 23, 2010

It came to me in a dream...

Paul McCartney said in an interview that his song, Yesterday, came to him in a dream--both the words and the music. Wow! Yet our minds often work best in our "off hours," when the distractions of life aren't stiffling our creative thoughts.

I'd been in a funk all weekend feeling lost without a writing project. Really, I should have been celebrating that my manuscript was off my hands for a while and in Dawn's, but for some reason I wasn't. What am I going to do now, I kept asking myself. Honest folks, it was akin to that "empty nest" feeling.

So I kept asking myself, do I revamp and do a major rewrite to a finished manuscript or do I finish the one I'd abandoned to write Storm's Interlude? I cried on my agent's shoulder, who patiently said, "It'll come to you. Relax." I imagined her doing an eye roll as she replied to my instant message.

She was right; it came to me--in a dream. Mercy, I'm just like Paul McCartney!!! Okay, maybe not. But I woke up from a sound sleep around 3:20 with the first paragraph of my next novel racing through my brain, along with a rough blurb about the book. How wierd is that? Uh hunh, about as wierd as I am, you say. Okay, I can see I'll get no respect from you. Just remember, Paul McCartney and I are on the same dream-wave-length...and with that thought, I'll take "Wings" and fly.

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