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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Christmas Giving

I had Christmas this week. Lucky me. How did I have Christmas 2 weeks early? Simple. Each year Calvin and I, along with thousands of others, chose several names off the Angel Tree at our local mall.

Calvin prefers names of middle school boys. Having taught that age group, he knows how they are often forgotten in favor of the younger children. I prefer the smaller kiddies. So, we chose a variety of ages as we pluck names from the Angel Tree.

Choosing toys, clothes and sneakers for children is such a joyous event. Imagining their expressions as they open the packages bouys one's heart. As I chose items, gone were the worries about the economy, the quality of schools, the wars, crime levels and medical costs.
When one provides a measure of happiness for a child, a triple measure warms the giver's heart. This afternoon I carried gifts to the mall to place next to the Angel Tree.

Really, what do I need? I have Calvin and three healthy, productive grown children plus a very special step-son. My life is enriched by their spouses. And I am beyond blessed with my beautiful/handsome, intelligent, talented grandchildren (chest puffs out with pride here). I have friends I dearly love. My closet is overflowing as is my jewelry box. Our bookshelves are crammed with books. And, wonder of wonders, (big grin here) I have a book contract. What could I possibly ask for? Yet, for me, Christmas came early. 

Fancy Feast Gourmet Cat Food, 3-Flavor Variety Pack (Beef, Chicken and Turkey & Giblets), 3-Ounce Cans (Pack of 24)There are so many ways to reach out to touch others during the Christmas season, to show love, to share a blessing. I encourage you to look around you at all the needy legitimate charities. Explore the animal needs of the Human Society, too. What about your neighbors? Are any laid off? Perhaps you could quietly set bags of groceries at their doors. Food pantries need donations, too. Why not adopt the family of some brave soldier serving overseas? Your gifts needn't be large, just from the warmth and compassion of your heart. And hugs...spread them liberally, please.

For me, Christmas came early this week.

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Rhiannon said...

What a wonderful post, Vonnie! So many people lack a giving spirit, not because they aren't kind but because they don't think the little they have to offer will be enough to help someone in need. Give a little, give a lot. Just give!