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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

First Review for "Storm's Interlude" --

Rhiannon Ellis, author of Bonded In Brazil, recieved an advance copy of my novel. After reading it, she gave the following review -- and I am humbled, pleased, but humbled.

Ms. Davis has written a story so engaging it was hard to put down. From the first scene, I knew I was in for a fantastic love story, filled to the brim with sexual tension and likeable, genuine characters. Even the minor characters touched my heart.

An avid romance reader, I've encountered my share of "heroes." Storm Masterson has easily found a place amongst my own personal favorites. Native American, a southern gentleman, and a muscular body to boot--what's not to love?

Some books are meat (story) and potatoes (filler). Storm's Interlude is all meat. I never found myself wanting to skim over paragraphs as Davis kept the action going and the plot constantly moving forward with realistic conflict and blazing hot sexual tension.

If you love stories that sizzle with tender emotion and fiery sensuality, I highly recommend this book from debut author, Vonnie Davis.

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