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Friday, December 3, 2010

Christmas Wonderland Effect

I'd planned on putting out the Christmas decorations on December 1st. My back, however, had other plans. So until the spasms die down enough that I can bend without dropping to my knees, the plastic containers of decorations remain stacked along the garage wall.

Another problem is Jazzy Miles Davis, our much-loved tabby cat. By nature, cats are drawn to trees. Certain tree ornaments intrigue their inquisitive natures. Our kitty-puss is no exception. He just has to touch and bat and sniff and capture those pesky ornaments that hang from our tree. Isn't that what they're for, after all?

True, Jazzie looked adorable last year, peeking out from his perch halfway up the tree, partially hidden by the branches of our artificial pine. But that was twelve months and seven pounds of kitty treats ago. I'm not sure our spindly tree can hold him this year. He's a big kitty, not huge, mind you, but his belly does sway from side-to-side when he runs. Decorating this Christmas might entail some creative positioning fo the tree.

Even so, I'm eager to drag out my large snowmen collection. I love their cute little faces, the expressions they have. Some were gifts from girlfriends no longer with us. I fondly think of that sweet person every Christmas season as I lovingly handle a snowman she gave me. Thank God for the gift of memories. And thank God for the true Gift of the Christmas holiday--the holy Gift that keeps on giving--and saving. 

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Rhiannon said...

This is our first Christmas with our 2 cats. Charlie is too sophisticated to be much trouble. Bailey, on the other hand, has an abnormally small head and, I suspect, an abornormally small brain as well. I expect trouble from her. Well, if my 2 yr old doesn't beat her to it. Hope your back feels better!