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Tuesday, April 24, 2012


My guest on Vintage Vonnie is Isabella Macotte, who grew up in Chicago and now lives in the Midwest.

Ever since she can remember, she's read -- not just fiction, but everything she could get her hands on. Science, romance, history and paranormal. Especially paranormal...anything scary, creepy, or gory, she loves it. From light paranormal elements to terrifying monsters, she'll make up a story to amaze or scare you.

Isabella Macotte writes the kind of romance she loves to read: a story with delicious dialogue, seductive encounters, a dash of the paranormal, and an irresistible hero you will never forget.

Passionate about books, Isabella tells me she keeps busy reading, writing and working in a library. But if a few moments remain at the end of the day, she spends them with a wonderful family and sweet bichon pup named Daisy.

Thanks for having me here, today, Vonnie. I'm eager to talk about romance and to also share my release with your readers.

I love romance novels! As a teenager I’d sneak in a Fabio-covered book, hide it under my pillow until everyone was asleep, then stay up way too late reading about the sexy hero and gorgeous heroine.

All the time I’d wonder: How could this couple know they’re perfect for each other?

So, as a big-time romance reader over the years, I thought how intriguing it would be to know, really know, if someone is meant for you as a soul mate. How many of us have wished we could be assured the person we choose for life is the right one?

My story, The Heart Gem, presents The Artifacts of Love, a group of mystical objects which can lead a person to their true love. The Heart Gem stone allows the holder to see a vision of the future. But of course, no magic is perfect. Do Hallie Pinefoy and Bremen Tyler need proof of their love? Will they risk it all to take a view into the elusive Heart Gem?

The tale incorporates paranormal elements, a heroine who plans to be a businesswoman, and a hunky hero who needs to wed to leave the Fae world behind. Hallie, raised in Victorian England, defies the conventions of the era and interns as a doll maker with her suffragette aunt in Boston. Hallie is independent, feisty, and believes marriage holds no place in her life. Her plans are set. Until she meets charming Bremen Tyler who has plans of his own.


In 1885, a proper Victorian woman's place was in the home. Convention never appealed to Hallie Pinefoy.

But plans for financial independence through a successful doll-making venture have one impediment. She's inherited a curiosity shop and a handsome business partner who's proving to be a delicious distraction.

When Bremen Tyler inherits a shop in coastal England, he breaks from the mystical Ancestral clan to live a normal life. The only way to guarantee a permanent break is to marry his Heart Match, a perfect soul mate. Bremen recognizes the captivating Hallie as his true love, but she isn't cooperating with his courtship.

If he can retrieve the stolen Heart Gem, an Artifact of Love, he can use it to prove their match. The surface of the Gem reflects the essence of a couple's future life, but the risks are great. More importantly, will Hallie realize true love doesn't need proof?


Hallie’s bottom shifted from Bremen’s lap onto the cold stone garden bench. Why was he stopping just when the moment was getting interesting? Then she heard the footsteps in the distance, rustling along the garden path. Her head still blissfully dazed, Bremen’s possessive hands moved to straighten the aquamarine gown’s bodice, which had drawn away completely from her breasts.

 Clay’s face was an angry red, even in the dark night. She jumped at the intrusion and attempted to yank her hand out of Bremen’s, but his firm palm held on without releasing.

 “Bremen Tyler, how dare you encroach on our relationship? Hallie and I have a long-established agreement among our families. You must honor this arrangement and withdraw your presence.” The shrillness of Clay’s voice reverberated through the grounds.

“I haven’t been informed of a promise or understanding. In fact, I have heard from the lady she is uncommitted. A state I’m determined to reverse.” Bremen’s deep voice was low and controlled.

“She would be committed to me if it were not for you. You are confusing her; she loves me but you are filling her head with promises and nonsense.”

“I have given Hallie neither false promises nor nonsense. She knows my true feelings.”

“She also knows my feelings and has said she will consider my offer.”

 “If Hallie tells me it is you she wants, I’ll say no other word.”

 “Hallie, tell him you will marry me. I believe my request was clear at supper,” Clay demanded.

 “My love, make your wishes known, and we will visit the reverend directly,” Bremen countered.
 Both men stared, waiting for a decision.

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Isabella Macotte said...

Thanks for letting me visit, Vonnie!

Vonnie Davis said...

My Rose Sistahs are always welcome at Vintage Vonnie. I'm glad you came to visit.

Jannine Gallant said...

Fabio was the Jimmy Thomas of our youth! LOL Best of luck with your book, Isabella.