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Sunday, May 20, 2012


Inspiration for a story comes from many sources. Each one is different, yet the spark is the same. A dream, a newspaper filler, an overheard conversation or ... a blog about love darts from snails. I read such a blog yesterday and a scene flashed into my mind. And my creative soul was off and running.

I could see a dart lodging in a man's neck. Oh, not a poisonous dart, but a wildly thrown dart by a blonde dynamo. One a writer could classify as a love dart. My hero was so angry--pissed, actually--that he was intent on giving her a verbal thrashing she'd never forget. Then she opened her mouth and took command of the one-sided conversation. Poor guy...he'll never be the same again.

In three hours I wrote two chapters, plus the lyrics to a song to use within the story somewhere. Don't ask me "why a song." It was just there, beating in my mind. I can hear the music, but since I haven't written any scores since I was thirteen, I'm not up to the challenge. Even so, I have three verses and a chorus of a country-western song.

INSPIRATION--a beautiful word, don't you think? Where does your inspiration come from?


Kylie Frost said...

Love the story idea and the way you've told us about it- I can "see" this story unfolding.

Vonnie Davis said...

Kylie, don't you love it when a woman knocks the alpha male off his axis? I do. While I love a good alpha, I also enjoy seeing him fall and flounder in the process. Thanks for commenting.

Calisa Rhose said...

That's funny, Vonnie. I love the premise already! I get my inspiration from all over like you do. One day I was going to pick up granddaughter's glasses at the eyemart and heard something on the radio. The dj asked the question "What have you done/said that you regret?" Instantly my muse showed me a woman who called into the radio show on a whim to confess she had a one night stand and was now pregnant, but didn't even know the man's name. She assumed her anonymity would protect her, but little did she know that nameless man couldn't get her voice out of his head- and he HAD gotten her name.

Vonnie Davis said...

Ooohhhh, Calisa, I love it! Too cool. You have to use it.

Karen Michelle Nutt said...

Wow, a song to go with your story. That's what I call inspired!

I have to say there have been country western songs that have spoke to me and given me ideas for stories. Places have, too. St Michens' church in Ireland has mummies below. No one knows who they are. I was inspired to write my medieval time travel. What if one of those men's life could be changed.

The Queen Mary in Long Beach is another place of inspiration. My ghost story aboard the old ship came to life.

Inspiration is not only beautiful. It's a truly magical word.

Vonnie Davis said...

Karen, I couldn't agree more. Loved your points of inspiration, especially the St.Michen's church. Lots of possibilities there.

Jannine Gallant said...

Oh, Vonnie, come on, share. Let's hear the song. LOL Songs are hard to write. I wrote one in Lonely Road To You and used it for the title. My daughters said it was horrible and sappy, but it made my editor cry, so I kept it.

I think inspiration jumps up and bites you when you're right in the middle of something else. Karma likes to play nasty tricks that way. LOL

Vonnie Davis said...

Oh, you are so right about karma and the creative spirit. I am facing a deadline on JAZZBEAT OF SURRENDER (see word count on the right), I truly don't have time for this and yet it wakes me early in the morning.