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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Sometimes Experts are Idiots

I've never been one to blindly accept experts' opinions. My initial response is always who are you and why should I listen to anything you have to say? Yes, I am a product of the sixties when governmental experts lied repeatedly about our involvement in Vietnam. A shattered trust that filtered down through many layers of society.

Take doctors, for example. A few years ago, whatever they said was gospel. Patients took their opinions and instructions at face value. Now, with the availabilty of information on the Internet, patients can check behind their doctors. We can check to make sure they haven't been sued for malpractice. When they prescribe medicines, we can check side-effects and interactions. Yep, the Internet is a valuable tool.

Another example are teachers and principals. My granddaughter was born prematurely. Her development in some areas was slow. Several times, teachers wanted to label her as "challenged." Her middle school principal told her parents she'd never be a scholar, never qualify for college, never...yeah, you get the picture.

Fast forward 4 years. Eleni graduated from high school today with academic honors. She'll start college in the fall, majoring in psychology. What did that principal know about a little girl's determination? Nothing. What did he know about a girl who loved books so much she emailed her grandma a book list every month? Zip. What did he know about the strength of a teenager's dreams? Nada. Like the poem by William Ernest Henley, Eleni adopted its philosophy: "I am the master of my fate: I am the captain of my soul." 
 I've called her Sugar Dumplin' since she was a tiny infant. I may need to change her nickname to reflect her grown up status. Then again, maybe not. As determined as she can be, she probably wouldn't answer to anything else.

Sometimes it warms the heart when experts are wrong.



Kylie Frost said...

What a beautiful testament to the human spirit. Both hers, and all of yours that refused to put that label on her. I'm sure behind the surface of your story there was a lot of work involved. And best of luck to her in the future!

Charmaine said...

Congratulations to Eleni! Thank God for determination, the will to go on when everyone says you can't make it or can't do it. Experts need to remember they are not God and are incapable of seeing all ends.

Love to see how Eleni turns the world of psychology upside down!

Vonnie Davis said...

Thanks, Kylie. Yes, her parents and a tutor or two encouraged her. She had the support of parents, which sadly for some kids is a luxury they never achieve.

Vonnie Davis said...

God has shed His blessings on Eleni from her conception. My daughter nearly miscarried and then delivered early. Eleni's lungs weren't developed causing her breathing problems thorughout her childhood. She's a strong Christian, and I'm thankful for her faith. She'll be attending a Christian college in Indiana.

Vonnie Davis said...

Ooops, Charmaine, the previous comment was for you, but Calvin came into the room asking me if I'd seen his hat and I clicked before I checked over what I'd written.