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Thursday, June 13, 2013

This Friday brings "Rain is a Love Song" by Vonnie Davis

RAIN IS A LOVE SONG, Book Two of The Red Hand Conspiracy series, goes off the Kindle Select program and will be available for sale at many places in eBook and paperback formats on Friday. It's been a long wait. In fact, after being available for free for a few days in April, its release is almost anticlimactic. When does one celebrate its true release? When it's available on Amazon for free? Or when you can buy it at other places too?


What should be a wonderful trip to Paris turns menacing when Gwen Morningstar’s daughter is kidnapped by The Red Hand terrorist group. Fortunately, Jean-Luc LeFevre of France’s Counterterrorism Unit is there to rescue her little girl. Gwen is grateful, but her need to apprehend the abductors must override any desire she feels for the handsome agent with his own brand of justice…and danger.

Jean-Luc is not pleased when Gwen, a crime scene photographer with just enough training to get them killed, is assigned to work with him. Not only does she take too many risks, she drives him to distraction.

As Gwen and Jean-Luc track the terrorists, their feelings for each other grow as fast as the danger. Jean-Luc is determined to protect Gwen and her daughter, but the sinister grasp of The Red Hand is strong and far-reaching. It will take more than love to keep them all safe.
“Close your eyes.” The tone of Jean-Luc’s voice gave no room for argument. She complied—this time. With her eyes closed, the warmth of the washcloth refreshed. His touch was gentle. When he ran it over the scrape on her chin, the movement hurt. 
“Big baby.” 
Her eyes popped open. “Big galoot.”
He held two fingers under her chin and lifted her head. Reaching over, he plucked a pair of tweezers from the table next to him. “Ah, an American word I’m not familiar with. What does ‘galoot’ mean?” He poked her scrape with the tweezers. 
“It means someone who’s overbearing and rude.” 
He probed deeper. 
“Ouch.” She wrapped her fingers around his wrist. “What are you mining for? Gold?”
“A pebble.” He held a miniscule stone between the tongs of the tweezers. “Tiny, but sure to cause infection and scarring.” He stepped closer and twisted her head slowly from side to side while he examined. His exotic musky cologne, an unusual blend of warm woods and ocean air, filled her nose, creating sparks of awareness throughout her system. The man was so big, his muscular silhouette dwarfed her. Her body, shut down for so long after Tyler’s death, responded, proof positive this man could bring her dormant femininity back to life.
Hadn’t she promised herself to never open her heart again? If she did, it’d be to someone in a less dangerous profession. No more soldiers. No policemen. For sure, no government agents who thought nothing of jumping into dangerous situations. A banker, perhaps, or an accountant. Someone whose biggest danger of the day would be a paper cut.
“Let me know if you have any discomfort.” With gentle movements, he cleaned her chin again.
Despite her previous conversation with herself, her eyes drifted shut. She imagined him touching her all over. Gentle, confident, passionate touching. Her nipples peaked as if begging for his touch—gentle or rough. Oh, don’t even go there. 
“I felt something.” She pointed, glad for the distraction. “Here.” 
He leaned in closer. His breath slowed, while hers grew more rapid. Heat radiated from him. A lock of black hair swept across his forehead. Her fingers itched to touch, to brush it back. Heaven help her, she even wanted to rub her cheek against his dark stubble. She yearned to lean into his strength, just for a minute; being the strong, independent woman got tiring after a while. I repeat. Don’t go there.

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