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Sunday, June 9, 2013

The Hourglass by Sharon Struth

I've got a special guest today. Novelist Sharon Struth is an author in the same literary agency as I am. Sharon believes you’re never too old to pursue a dream. The Hourglass, her debut novel, received first place in the Dixie Cane Memorial Contest and second place in the Golden Heart. She writes from the friendliest place she’s ever lived, Bethel, Connecticut, along with her husband, two daughters and canine companions.
What is the story behind your book title, Sharon?

In The Hourglass, CJ (hero), a bestselling author, writes a book during the darkest period of his life…right after his wife dies. CJ feels responsible for her death. His book, titled THE HOURGLASS, is a thriller about a serial killer who flips an hourglass, then takes the life of his victims when the sand runs out. CJ believes his chance for happiness has run out, so his dark subject carries great symbolism. It was only during the course of writing this part of the story that I realized the timepiece had a dual symbolism; a simple flip of an hourglass can also start time again. In that instant I had the title of my book, since both characters are coping with past mistakes and starting over.

What is one of your most embarrassing or laughable moments?

Back in the early 90’s, while I was having dinner at a country club with a friend, I spotted the president of a huge multi-national corporation that had just purchased my company having dinner with my firm’s president. I was a senior manager in finance at the time, so decided to schmooze a little. As one of the few females on the management team, I wanted to leave my mark. Any man would’ve done that. Right? Yet I was a bit nervous, this kind of corporate game-playing not really my thing.

Since I was having a bad contact lens day, I’d been forced to wear my glasses. I hated how I looked in them so removed the dreaded eyewear then started my blurry path across the room. After introductions and a brief conversation with the executives, I turned to leave. I swaggered with confidence on my return trip over my bold move and spotted a shortcut leading to my table. At a step leading to the area, however, I had failed to see a low, long fan sitting on the stair. My foot landed directly on the fan. I lost my footing. The metal fan crashed--along with me--the impact making enough noise to wake the dead. Every head in the upscale establishment turned my way. Moral of the story…worrying about how looked in glasses was dumb. I looked even more ridiculous after my fall. Embarrassing then, laughable now.
Has your road to publication been a walk in the park or a steep mountain climb? Give us some details?

I’d say somewhere in between. Within a year of deciding to pursue a writing career, I landed two essays in national publications. However, every second of the way in this new career, I’ve worked hard. Harder than I’ve ever worked on anything.

I’m a firm believer that in the world of writing, that’s a requirement for success. I actually get a little cranky when I hear about an overnight writing success or a beginners runaway bestseller. Sure, they happen but it isn’t the norm and makes the whole process seem too simple...which it isn’t. 

1.   Heels, sneakers or flip-flops?
Flip-flops (or sandals…no socks rule!)
2.   Chocolate, champagne or cheesecake?
What? I can pick only one? *Sigh* Chocolate
3.   Any tattoos?
Nope. Why mess with perfection? (please note my mocking tone)
4.   Long hair, short hair or weave?
Would love long hair but am practical with a shorter cut.
5.   Straight stick or automatic?
Stick in my soul; automatic in reality (although my “mommy van” days are over)


Blurb for THE HOURGLASS by Sharon Struth:

Can forgiveness survive lies and unspoken truths?

Until Brenda McAllister’s husband committed suicide, she appeared to have the ideal life: a thriving psychology practice, success as a self-help author, and a model family. But her guilt over her affair with Jack’s best friend prevents her from moving on. Did Jack learn of her infidelity? Was she the cause of his death?

The release of Brenda’s second book forces her into an unexpected assignment with arrogant celebrity author CJ Morrison, whose irritating and edgy exterior hides the torment of his own mistakes. But as she grows closer to CJ, Brenda learns she wasn’t the only one with secrets—Jack had secrets of his own, unsavory ones that may have led to his death. While CJ helps Brenda uncover the truth about her husband, she finds the path to forgiveness isn’t always on the map.

An unexpected gravitational pull swelled Brenda’s anger. Her cute quip ran into hiding. She no longer cared about winning this man’s favor. His rudeness left her feeling as if she’d been doused with hot coffee this time. Brenda clenched her fists. A year of internal browbeating over Jack’s suicide had left her easily irritated.

Brenda gripped the frail edges of her self-control. “I once again offer my apologies for the accident, by definition an unplanned event with lack of intent.” He looked down his sturdy, Grecian nose at her, so she stood and put her hands on her hips. “Shouldn’t you, as a writer, know that?”

Every line on his face tensed. “I could do without your sarcasm.” He leaned closer. “Thanks to you, I missed my meeting. Maybe tomorrow morning you could get room service.”

The brunette unleashed a tight smirk. CJ motioned for them to move on.

Brenda fumbled for a good retort. As he stepped away, the last word went with him. The same way Jack had the last word in their life together. A silent explosion went off inside Brenda’s head and propelled her anger forward.

“Mr. Morrison?” She raised her voice to be heard above the crowd.

He looked over his shoulder and arched a questioning eyebrow.

Brenda crossed her arms and fixed a phony smile as she nodded toward his companion. “It’s so nice of you to bring your daughter to the conference.”





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SharonStruth said...

Good morning Vonnie! Thanks for hosting me on your wonderful blog today. I look forward to meeting a few new friends.

Liv said...

This one's totally in my TBR pile. Great interview, ladies!

SharonStruth said...

Thanks, Liv! Hope you enjoy it. Thanks for stopping by.

Paisley Kirkpatrick said...

Since Grace isn't my middle name, I can definitely feel your pain at your embarrassing moment, Sharon. Yes, all you can do is laugh at yourself and find a place in one of your stories to use it.

Your cover is awesome and the title really good. Best of luck with lots of sales.

Nice meeting you today. Isn't Vonnie just the best!!! Waving!!

SharonStruth said...

Hi Paisley. Glad I'm in good company with the graceful maneuvers. Lol, yes it's best to think of these awkward moments as gaining material :-). Thanks for stopping by. And yes, Vonnie is the best!

Vonnie Davis ~ Romance Author said...

Sharon, by way of introduction, Liv was one of my authors when I was editing for a small epub. I adored her stories. Paisley is my beta-reader for a story with a heroine named after her. Both are lovely and talented sweethearts.

SharonStruth said...

Thanks, Vonnie. I know I always feel a real kinship with my beta readers. I see Liv's name sometimes from a mutual friend (Debbie Christiana) who's with Black Opal. At least I think I do. The world is a small place.

SharonStruth said...
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Shirley Kennedy said...

I, too, have added The Hourglass to my TBR list. Great cover! You set me to thinking about my own embarrassing moments, most of which are still too embarrassing to tell!

SharonStruth said...

Hi Shirley. Thanks for adding it to you TBR list, too. I'm really pleased with my cover...kudos to the publisher! Yeah, those embarrassing moments still make me cringe a little each time I think about them. I always have to remind myself that nobody else is thinking about them, though Thanks for joining us.

Angela Adams said...

Thrilling premise. On my TBR list. Best wishes with your book.

SharonStruth said...

Thanks, Angela! And thanks for stopping by.

Teena in Toronto said...

I enjoyed this book.