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Sunday, December 29, 2013

My Guest, J. Morgan, Writes Romance Straight From the Funny Bone . . .

I've been looking forward to today with great anticipation. Y'all know how I love men. Just "double-O" lo-ove them. Well, I've got one here at Vintage Vonnie today. J. Morgan has been a guest here before, but if you missed his other visits, boy, are you in for a treat. To make his visit even sweeter, he's brought along a picture of himself and his "little man"--his first grandchild. Is this an adorable shot or what?

Howdy again! It's me, J. Morgan, or at least I think it is. Being a writer sometimes it's hard to know who I am on any given day. No lie, just the other day I was a badger with an overactive imagination and an overbite. As you can probably tell, the badger isn't the only one with an overactive imagination. Alas, you didn't come here to listen to me blather on. Vonnie asked me to stop by to chat a bit about my latest release, Bite Marks Book Two: Bite the Neck that Loves You. I seriously doubt she knew what she was letting herself in for. Say a prayer for her please.

The idea for Bite the Neck really started way back in '08. I had this short novella that had been rejected twice already before finally being accepted. It was a comedy about a vampire slayer who falls for her first vampire. My publisher asked some questions and from those questions a universe was born. With five books behind it, Bite Marks Two already had a wealth of history to draw from along with some ideas I hadn't tossed out yet.

So, when I sat down to begin the newest installment of the series within a series, I knew I wanted to write a book that incorporated one of my first loves as a reader, The Three Musketeers. My hero would be one of my swashbuckling heroes. For my heroine, I wanted to add something from home state. Franki would be from Louisiana and have the same fire that makes this the best place to live in the world. Well, as long as you like roads to go with the potholes we call highways. What else could I throw into the mix? My addiction to Storage Wars, a dragon, and a werewolf or two sounded about right. Then I added an angel and a wild and wooly cowgirl just to make sure I had all my bases covered.
See? Just your normal vampire love story.

But, that's the essential core of who I am as a writer. I never go for normal. Normal is boring. It is my dearest hope that anyone who reads my books will go on the rollercoaster ride of their lives from the first page and by the last page be so out of breath they can't wait for the next ride. Whether or not I succeed is up to the reader to decide. I think that the best any writer can hope to say is this, I wrote the best story I could and if I didn't feel that way, I would never have pushed send in my yahoo window.


Before I trot off to pretend I know what I'm doing, I'd like to thank you for taking the time to visit with me today, and a special thanks to Vonnie for having me. Wishing you all a Happy New Year and hoping all your dreams come true.


Bite Marks Book Two

Bite the Neck That Loves You


J. Morgan

Available from

Desert Breeze Publishing



Sent on an easy mission to find a lost Vampire, Franki thought she'd spend a few days on the west coast and be back on the front lines in no time.

Too bad Alex Coursiane, the guy she's been hunting, just made her one of the undead.

Instead of getting to stake him through the uprights, she's forced to go on a quest to find something called the Tome of Alabaster with the bloodsucker. On the run with the Fallen's right behind them, they discover the Queen Bee Vampire is trying to find the portal that the Ancients used to cross over into our world. Who cares that it has been closed for eons? She plans to open it and unleash Armageddon.

For Franki and Alex, staying alive is the easy part. Falling in love just might be the thing that saves their souls.



"This might not be the best time to bring this up, but I am sorry for what happened." He had the nerve to look all pathetic. I bet he didn't have that look when he was sucking me dry like a Capri Sun on a hot summer day.

"Got that right, you sorry piece of sh--"

"Merde, but for a petite beautiful thing, you have a mouth on you." He walked around the bed. Circled it, might have been closer to the truth. "Believe me, chérie, if I could change what happened I would. If I had not been lost in the Blood lust, I could have stopped myself."

"That and five bucks will buy you a Coke and a bag of Zapps." I twisted and snarled at him. "You can shove your 'I'm sorry' and whatever other meaningless platitudes when the sun don't shine along with your chérie. Last time I checked, half-ass apologies didn't cure vampirism. Until you have something that does, feel free to kiss my ass."

"I understand your anger. I once felt it myself. As hard as it might be for you to believe, I wasn't always a Vampire. I started life as Human as you did." He sat on the side of the bed, making me slide into him. "There are two ways we can deal with this. One, I can set you free, and you can kill me. Before you act on it, know that I wouldn't blame you if you did."

"Then, let's forget number two and go with option one." If not for the gnawing in my gut, I would have sounded as ballsy as I felt on the subject.

"As I said, I wouldn't blame you, but number two is the one you're going to go with." He smiled, creating a mind numbing set of dimples beneath his five o'clock shadow. "Because, you are like me. A slave to the job. You get it done, whatever it takes. Finding me isn't even close to accomplishing that."

"Okay, smarty pants." He had me there. Being raised by nuns had given me an over-compensating need to be all I could be, or had it been from dating one too many members of the armed services? Either way, I couldn't leave a job half finished, even if I had been turned into a blood sucking sack of crap for my troubles. Until I found out what he was talking about, I was still in the game. "My mission was to find you. In spite of the life threatening hickey, I did it. Mind telling me why I should let you talk me into extra innings?"

"Well, I do have you tied to a bed." He tugged on the strip of quilting holding my left arm in place.

"Ain't working in your favor, hot stuff." I flashed him fang. I might be new at this, but I knew the basics.

"Didn't think it would." Grimacing, he pulled his hand back.

"Look, let's get some things straight. Turning me into a freaking Vampire totally eliminates your right to flirt with me, look at my ass, and generally breathe in my proximity. The only two reasons you're not sporting a stake in your ticker is because I'm tied to this bed, and I gave my word I'd get you back to Deme." I crooked a finger at him. "In one piece, is still up for operational interpretation."



Desert Breeze Publishing





Nancy G said...

I can't wait for payday and my chance at this one. And your little man is absolutely adorable, and I can tell he has you wrapped around his little fingers already.

Lisa A. Olech said...

I confess, I'm a vampire 'virgin'. I've never read one. But yours sounds amazing! Love your heroine. Love the humor. May have to 'cut my teeth' on this one!!

Paisley Kirkpatrick said...

I love this story - am reading it again. J. Morgan has a way of drawing you into his stories and his characters rock. :)

Angela Adams said...

I'm sorry -- I couldn't read the excerpt. I'm so captivated by that adorable baby and couldn't concentrate on anything else! Best wishes for 2014!

J. Morgan said...

Sorry for getting on here so late but between work and internet issues, it's taken me forever to get on. Little man does indeed have me wrapped around his little finger, Nancy.

Lisa, glad to see you're thinking about cutting your teeth. I think Vampires are the key to tickling the funny bone.

Paisley, you are way too kind.

Angela, so happy you were captivated by my little man. He is definitely a cutie and knows it too.

Thanks to all of you, for stopping by and helping me ring out my 2013. Hopefully, my internet provider will let me stay online in 2014 or at least until I can post this.

AJ Nuest said...

I'm sorry I'm so late! I've been dying to get over here and read all about V's "man" visitor, and I was not disappointed. :-) I'm not one for vampire stories too much, but this series and excerpt really had me intrigued. Great, great job, J. Morgan! I'm gonna be giving this one a try! Happy New Year, y'all! x

Rolynn Anderson said...

Vivid imagination, J. Morgan! Ahh the stories you'll be telling to the little guy...he's a lucky listener. Good luck with your book! Rolynn

Victoria Sinclair said...

I found your great blog through the WLC Blog Follows on the World Literary Cafe! Great to connect!