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Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Thoughts From my Snowmen Collection

My kids will tell you I'm easy to buy for. "Snowmen, angels or pearls. You can't go wrong with any of these, Mom loves them all." Pearl earrings, bracelets and necklaces overflow my jewelry boxes. My angel collection stays out year-round, but my beloved snowmen come out only in the winter. I fell in love with these cool dudes and their sweet faces back in the nineties. Over time I've amassed quite a collection from cups to plates to various figurines. Some I've bought. Many were gifts from people I cherish.

Take my snowman cookie jar, for example. It was a gift from my ex-mother-in-law the first Christmas we were no longer related by marriage, but were "adopted by the heart", as she so tearfully stated. Marie and I were as close as mother and daughter. When she fell and broke her hip, I moved in with her for two months to care for her until she was more mobile. I put drops in her eye for two weeks after her cataract surgery. She helped take care of my broken heart and taught me the value of deep, abiding love. She passed away a year ago and I don't glance at that cookie jar without seeing her warm, smiling face.

 One year, my children's second mom gifted me with a trio of snowmen she'd crocheted. Few women are able to make friends with their ex-husband's new wife. But Margie was good to my children and they came to care for her. How could I not respond to that? I no longer had to worry about how they were being treated by the "other" woman during visits with their dad, but could relax knowing Margie made them feel at home. When she passed away with lung cancer, we all grieved. She taught me the value of caring for everyone's child.

My grandson, Ryan, joyfully brought me a box haphazardly wrapped and taped with long strips of tape. Inside the shoe box were two snowmen mugs and a box of hot chocolate mix. "For when I come, grandma. We can have hot choc-OH-latte in our 'berry' special mugs." We drank from them in April, June, October. The month didn't matter, the memories did. My grandson is fifteen now and these are still referred to as "Ryan and Grandma mugs." Children need special do adults.

Some years ago, I worked with two lesbians. A new experience for me, yet they taught me a lot about their souls and their world. One was in a committed relationship and the other was struggling with who she was. One was blatantly butch and the other just as goofy as I. Together we had a blast. Wendy gave me the snowmen picture one year and Andrea gave me the teddy bear. I cherish both.

My youngest son had a friend who was being raised by a single dad. Jeff's mother had died when he was only two. Jeff's father drank and often went into rages. When he did, Jeff showed up at our house. I'd feed him, for he did not eat well at home. I'd fuss over him, for he wasn't getting the mothering he needed, either. And if his father showed up--angry and swearing--hunting for Jeff, I lied and said I hadn't seen him. Jeff's a policeman now. He still calls me mom. He gave me this snowman Christmas tree skirt the year after he graduated from high school. He claimed I helped get him though a lot of rough times.

I was too busy with writing and promotion to drag out all my snowmen this year, but the ones I mentioned above I did, along with a few others I love because of the memories associated with them. It is the memories that warm our hearts as we age--not things. Make memories, my lovelies. Store them in the folds of your heart and on days when you feel blue, take them out and revisit them. Merry Christmas and may you look forward to a healthy and productive 2014.
Hugs ~


Angela Adams said...

Love your collection, Vonnie. I collect animal figurines dressed as "Frosty" and "Santa" -- Happy Holidays!

Liz Flaherty said...

I have snowmen, too--I had a secret pal who collected them and every time I bought her one, I couldn't resist and bought one for me, too. But I love the memories attached to yours!

Vonnie Davis ~ Romance Author said...

How cool Angela! I bet your collection is adorable!!!

Vonnie Davis ~ Romance Author said...

Gee, Liz, can I be your Secret Pal? LOL What a neat way to start a collection.

Calisa Rhose said...

Your snowmen are precious and I love hearing the memories attached to each. I'm happy with opal jewels of any color and shape. :)

I have a small Santa collection began when friends gifted me a couple of cute ornaments over years spent volunteering at my daughters' school when they were young. But my favorite collection is unicorns. Sadly, most got broke when the shelf they lived on was accidentally knocked off the wall.

Vonnie Davis ~ Romance Author said...

Oh, how sad for your unicorns and you! Thanks for stopping by and sharing what you enjoy collecting. Opals? I love opals, too, but then I'm a jewelry nut.

Paisley Kirkpatrick said...

You remind me so much of me, Vonnie. I collect angels because my children and children-of-my-heart think I need all the angels I can get. I got two more this year and love them. I am so sentimental and gussy over things people I love give me and cannot get rid of any of them and - God forbid - one should get broken.

I have my children-of-my-heart, too. I never keep count because it keeps increasing. I am thinking the last time I counted it was close to 50 and I worry about all of them, love it when they call me Mama Marlene or Mama Paisley, or Mama P. I always wanted lots of children and as you know I had two and lost our older one to cancer eleven years ago. I think Kellie sends my new children to me because every one of them is within months of her age. It seems remarkable to me that they all bring something to me that I am in great need of besides love. You do know one of them - he goes by the name of J. Morgan. :) And, after our discussion about Christmas earlier this season, I thought you would smile at hearing I had no black moments this Christmas day. First time in eleven years so I am thinking my heart is starting to heal and it is such a good feeling.

Huggles to you my friend.

Vonnie Davis ~ Romance Author said...

Angels come to us in many need...and with their arms and hearts full of what we need. You've been blessed in many ways and they couldn't come to a more deserving person. Hugs right back to you...and I'm thrilled this Christmas was easier. So, so thrilled.

Diane Burton said...

I collect nutcrackers and Santas. Have way too many of both, but they all have special significance. Enjoy the memories, Vonnie. Happy holidays.

Vonnie Davis ~ Romance Author said...

Happy holidays to you, too, Diane. My oldest son collects nutcrackers, a few he'd gotten on his trips to Germany.