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Monday, February 29, 2016

Monday Musings and Mumblings

Calvin and I love traveling internationally. How wonderful to experience other cultures. I'm an architectural freak, so seeing different building styles intrigues me. So does studying history and eating new foods. Calvin loves outdoor cafes and watching people hurry by. If he can have a cup of espresso to sip and a WiFi connection for his iPad, he's in heaven. Simple pleasures for simple people. Two humans who would do no harm.

So you can imagine our heartache over the bombings in Paris, our favorite city, and Brussels, someplace we'd thought of visiting during the hot summer here in Virginia. Calvin, my news hound, has informed me of every new revelation in the investigation as I pound out word count to meet my upcoming deadline.

One of my sons called to say--not ask, but say--you two aren't traveling anywhere internationally in the foreseeable future. Kids. Once they pass the age of forty, they think they can order me around. Imagine!!!

Imagine also, people who believe their "higher being" tells them to kill and maim nonbelievers.

Walk away from nonbelievers, I get.

Avoid, sure.

Engage in a nonviolent civil discourse face-to-face and NOT on social media, by all means.

But violence? My God doesn't demand it. Mine is a God of love. So I get my bloomers in a twist when goons with guns and attitudes larger than their IQ's seek out those they perceive as enemies and harm in the name of a god ... any god. To me, it's an excuse to kill. Like the long-held feud of generations past--the Hatfields and McCoys--the beginnings of this hate is said to stem back to the Crusades. But, folks, sometimes we need to lay hate aside and pray for goodness.

Just as all Christians aren't completely good. We can't judge all Muslims by bands of radicals. Good and bad reside on both sides. Evil resides in this unprovoked indiscriminate murder. It's not about religion; it's about absolute power.

So, no, we won't be traveling abroad for awhile. I'll miss it. Calvin will especially miss Berlin where his only child, his son lives. Danger seems to lurk everywhere. Here and abroad. Our world is quickly becoming an unsafe place filled mainly with people who would rather spread love and goodwill than harm and hate. Yet we are crippled with fear by a few. Sad and troublesome.

Be safe.

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